Friday, June 12, 2015

Quick notes: River in the sea, Subsidy burden...

  • Fishermen discover river in Bay of Bengal: The over 100 km-wide freshwater mass that is formed from river discharges and runoffs is transported down south by the East Indian Coastal Current.

  • Massive savings: Centre to start direct kerosene subsidy transfer this fiscal.   Govt has saved Rs 10,000 cr or $1.56 bn subsidy outgo on cooking gas through a similar scheme

  • Top corporates, top defaulters: Country’s top corporates owe U.P. farmers Rs. 6,000 crore

  • Pollution is inevitable: In 2000 diesel cars were only four per cent of the total sales. This increased to 50 per cent by mid-2000. Each diesel car is legally allowed to emit four-seven times more than the petrol variant.

  • Powered by bullsh*t: Manure transformed into hydrogen fuel.

  • Solar train? The Integral Coach Factory, in collaboration with IISc, Bengaluru, will begin testing a solar-powered train project. ...Hybrid? fine. But purely solar? ..don't know about that.

  • Make the Polluters Pay Us: Instead of investing in dirty fuels, let's start charging polluters for poisoning our skies - and then invest the revenue so that it benefits everyone.

  • Modern, cool and all that non-sense:

  • Bobby Jindal’s ‘Embarrassing’ Budget Tricks: “His ineptitude with budgets alone should disqualify him from supervising a small-town Dairy Queen, much less managing the U.S. government's executive branch.”

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