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Fwd: Iran deal: hardliners in Teheran+ Beguiling Americans: a guide for Indian Diplomats+Time to bell the FAT CATS+Japan stands up+A week in India

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1. Iran deal: hardliners in Teheran by kourosh ziabari 17.6.15
2. Beguiling Americans: a guide for Indian Diplomats 25.6.15 by christine fair VG READ.
3. Time to bell the FAT CATS by sudeep vhakravarti 26.6.15
My take – The author uses a CAG report to highlight the massive corruption in Nagaland and Manipur. Who is going to correct this? The political parties that rule or SC or Central Govt. People are forever blaming the Central Government for ignoring the North-East. Some merit but it is the responsibility of people in states like Nagaland to stop corruption and improve quality of governance.
5. A week in India by akash prakash 26.6.15 the author is a fund manager based in singapore who has written about the changed sentiment in India.
6. The shifting qualities of Make in China by david frey 26.6.15
7. China, India agree to cooperate in Nepal reconstruction says Wang by Xinhua 26.6.15 
My take – Seems like a plant. Why should India work together with China? What does MEA have to say.
'Closing in on the militant camps operating in Myanmmar, the army of that country has positioned itself nearer Indian border in a bid to choke the supply route of insurgents after surgical strikes by Indian forces earlier this month. The current operation is aimed at insurgent camps operating in Taga of Myanmmar which requires seven days of travel through dense jungles from Indo-Myanmmar border, official sources said here. Taga has camps of several insurgent outfits including NSCN(K) and UNLF, they said.
My take – Report is dated New Delhi. Take your call.
9. Indo Myanmar GATE at Tamu closed for an unsually long time 25.6.15
'According to Ministry of Commerce data, in the 2013-14 fiscal year Myanmar exports totalled US$16.46 million and imports totalled $26.12 million, while in 2014-15 Myanmar exports totalled $17.03 and imports totalled $39.86 million.
Mr Thangal also said that India and Myanmar have signed an MoU on border cooperation in 2014, covering cooperation against insurgencies among other provisions.
"The MoU includes a provision for coordinated patrols on either side of the boundary and regular interaction to maintain peace and stability along the border," he said.
10. Ugly fall outs of Dzuko dispute Time for Kohima, Imphal to act editorial Sangai Express
My take – Manipur Nagaland can temperatures be lowered. GOI must repair the road from Silchar to Imphal so that Nagas do not block the road to Imphal and blackmail Manipur.
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