Monday, June 15, 2015

Indian Involvement in South China Sea

India seems to be rushing to take a leading role in the South China Sea conflict, which is very beneficial to the US, as well as China's smaller neighbors - but how much are we really getting back for it?

We should ask ourselves if it's the wisest path to take. If we could have maintained a lower profile while selling weapons to China's neighbors on its eastern side, we could have helped them counteract China's power and keep it distracted, allowing us to quietly build up our own defenses along the Sino-Indian border.

I'm not suggesting Hindi-Chini Bhai-Bhai here. Look at how Americans pursued détente with the Soviets in Europe, while stoking up conflict on the USSR's opposite border in Afghanistan. We should have taken a similar approach, pursuing détente with China while stoking up conflict on China's opposite side, buying time to build up our own border infrastructure and economy in the meantime. Stealth is supposed to be the best weapon.

Now we're just loudly and proudly leading from the front, attracting maximum attention and likely to get shot at in the bargain. Pride comes before a fall, but that's never a consideration for those who crave the title of 'superpower' for themselves first.

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