Sunday, June 21, 2015

Quick notes: Loan restructuring, Gun homicides...

  • Ambani privilege: Reliance Gas to repay loans by 2031 instead of the next four years. The company currently has a total debt of Rs 16,010 crore.

  • India's English advantage: Cisco to invest $60 Million in India, $10 billion in China.

  • FII privilege: FIIs are not investors but "arbitrageurs" engaged in buying and selling of financial assets globally in order to realize gains from price differences. By expanding their space, the govt is reducing its own autonomy of policy making.

  • Making Pakistan Proud: Mamata government practically ignored Yoga Day event.

  • Guns in America: For every criminal killed in self-defense, 34 innocent people die

  • Meditate on the Sun:


indian_indian said...

The gun piece is a classic piece of obfuscation by the anti-gun lobby. The criminal gun homicides would most likely continue to happen because criminals get their hands on guns legally or illegally. Suicide-prevention through gun-control does not seem rational. So, all that complete gun control does is prevent honest, law-abiding citizens from defending themselves. And if accidental deaths are such a big issue, why not ban driving? As an India-focused blog, gloating over the merits of gun-control is intellectually dishonest. In fact, in my opinion, a lot of the crime in India (e.g. crimes against women, armed robbery, dacoity) could be decreased by letting the citizens arm themselves after proper background checks. Also, why do you link to only lefty anti-gun websites like the Washington Post and the New York Times on gun issues? How about the opposing viewpoint from National Review, NRA, and books like More Guns, Less Crime?

san said...

I have mixed feelings on this. The thing is that greater prevalence of guns can lead to all kinds of ordinary disputes becoming fatal, never mind just criminal activity. For those who would put the gun on a pedestal, what we're really talking about here is a push-button killing appliance. We can see the penchant of ordinary Indians for rioting, so adding guns to the mix only makes a situation more combustible - and lets not forget the terrorism angle.

That being said, I don't agree with the current US Surgeon-General going beyond his chief public health practitioner role into the realm of US constitutional debates. He is badly overstepping his mandate as an unelected appointee. He is unfortunately of Indian origin.