Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Quick notes: JF-17, Shipwrecks...

  • Confirmed: Sino-Pak JF-17 fighter jet has its first buyer. Sri Lanka? JF-17 fighter flying with indigenous Chinese turbofan

  • Socialization of losses: The punishment for polluting India's coasts is a measly Rs 10 lakh or six months in jail. The Indian owners usually get off the hook by just paying the fine; the foreign owners stay out of reach. Coastguard and navy take up rescue burden.

  • Sangh affiliates oppose Land Bill: “This message has gone far and wide that the earlier law is being changed to promote the interest of industrialists and capitalists in place of the interests of the common man and farmers."

  • $20-bn for solar power parks: Of the 100-Gw target set by the PM, the SoftBank venture will look at solar power generation of 20 Gw.

  • Center of Excellence: India emerging as top choice for joint replacement surgery

  • Contamination:  India extends ban on milk and other dairy products imported from China. But a number of Chinese products are entering India by way of mis-classification and grey markets

  • IPL tamasha:

  • S-Works Venge ViAS from Specialized: The world's hottest new road bike

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