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Fwd: Island construction can benefit larger region+ India Pakistan relations on slippery slope+ Myanmar intellectuals oppose jingoistic sentiments

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1. South China Sea headed towards a U.S. China military showdown 16.6.15 by dr subhash kapila
2. Island construction can benefit larger region editorial global times 17.6.15
'Countries like the Philippines and Vietnam have conducted considerable construction work on the islands they occupy. China is making up for lost time. The relevant parties should understand China's determination to safeguard its interests and China's goodwill to preserve peace in the South China Sea. It's hard to settle the South China Sea disputes in a short time.'
My take – Be it with India or S.E. Asian countries China is not interested in settling disputes. It will do so when it is strong enough to get its way. Till then it will keep gobbling up territory in the name of 'maintaining peace'.
3. India Pakistan relations on slippery slope by talat mahmood 17.6.15
'One is aware that the BJP government has no interest, at least as of now, in developing even trade and commercial relations with Pakistan. This perhaps, fits in with its policy of snubbing Pakistan. Besides, in the overall volume of foreign trade, the trade between India and Pakistan is inconsequential, as currently at the official level it constitutes a very small fraction of India's global trade. Modi's charm offensive at the global level and in Saarc countries, however, can be grounded if belligerence towards Pakistan were to get out of control.'
My take – Last week Defence Minister warns Pakistan post Myanmar counter attack and yesterday Modi calls up Sharif on the first day of Ramzan. Cannot understand strategy, may be missing out something. Never heard of an Indian PM call heads of govt of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh on the first day of Ramzan. This is Modi style secularism kya?
Signatories are 'he signatories included Kuldip Nayar, Muchkund Dubey, Justice Rajindar Sachar, Mrinal Pande, Manoranjan Mohanty, Zoya Hasan, Johan Dayal, ND Pancholi, Mohammad Salim Engineer, Seema Mustafa, Jawed Naqvi and Sumit Chakravarty.'
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