Wednesday, November 03, 2010

some observations on us results and christist prejudices

nov 2nd, 2010

xtist prejudices against women and non-xtists persists. this is why nikki haley had to convert and thump bible to win in s carolina
mary roy finally got equal share of family property last week. xtist tradition /mythology apparently values women at 1/4th of men.
mary roy, mom of genocide suzie, got SC verdict in 1984 that kerala xtist women get equal share in family property, not 1/4th as much as men
so much for women's empowerment: despite republican wave, both meg whitman and carly fiorina lost in CA. biblical prejudice still at work?


Pravin said...

Your comment for Nikki Haley seems logical.
Carly lost to Barbara Boxer for senate. And Barbara Boxer is a woman.

One Major factor why Meg lost : she employed undocumented domestic labor for years and hide this fact from everybody.

san said...

Don't forget that California is an overwhelmingly left-wing state. They don't call it The Left Coast for nothing.