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Sonia's certificate is Manmohan'a humiliation: S. Gurumurthy

nov 29th, 2010

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I like this piece of Gurumurthy for the use of the phrase 'Sonia's certificate'. Sonia's certificates (her name, education etc.) are trademark identifiers in Indian political discourse.

Sonia's certificate is a cryptic message to chamcha-s to tell Manmohan to make way for the heir-apparent yuvaraja of the Congi dynasty. 

Read on... to understand Sonia Raj, Scandal Raj; Sonia Raj, Chamcha Raj...


Sonia's certificate, PM's ultimate humiliation

S Gurumurthy,  Published : 29 Nov 2010 10:57:00 PM ISTLast Updated : 29 Nov 2010 01:42:28 AM IST New Indian Express

It is a disgusting story. Let us begin it in lighter vein. '2G' seems a highly popular name today. Type '2G' in Google search, you will get 55.3 million results in 0.12 seconds! In Google terms, '2G' is 29 times more popular than Shah Rukh Khan; 17 times as popular as Rajnikanth. It is equally as infamous, being the largest scam ever — Rs1.76 lakh crore loot. About something so famous, and at once infamous, the whole nation is asking Manmohan Singh one question: Mr Prime Minister what do you know about '2G'? Even as the PM is totally silent, here comes an SMS to all cell phones. 'The PM finally breaks his silence and says: "The only '2G' I know are: 'SoniaG and RahulG'.' Laughing? Here is something to cry about.

On November 24, 2010, 'SoniaG' certified, "Manmohan Singh is more than 100 per cent honest". The next day, she proclaimed her 'zero tolerance' to corruption. What a tragedy? Certificate of probity from Sonia to Singh! Could anything be more humiliating? For, only five years ago, Manmohan Singh had saved her from the Bofors scam by calling back the red corner notice against her Italian friend Ottavio Quattrocchi (Q), recipient of a third of the pay-off from Bofors. Here is that shameful story in brief. Sten Lindstorm, who was the head of the National Investigation Bureau, equal to the CBI here, had probed the Bofors pay-off in Sweden. He told Outlook (April 6, 1998) that Sonia must explain how the companies owned by Q got fat payoffs from Bofors; what was her nexus with Q; who introduced him to Bofors. Lindstorm said that Q got Bofors payoffs was confirmed. Six years later on April 8, 2004, he wrote that Sonia must be questioned on the scam, asserting, "I know what I am saying".

The diary of Martin Ardbo, managing director of Bofors and the bribe giver, had mentioned his meeting with "Gandhi Trust lawyer". Finally Q, who came to India long back virtually as Sonia's baggage from Italy, behaved exactly like a thief when proof against him emerged; he slipped away from India in 1993, thanks to P V Narasimha Rao yielding to pressure from Sonia. In 1999, Sonia defended Q, pleaded he was innocent; she alleged that the NDA government was hounding him. Ten years later Singh chided his own government for harassing Q. Sonia protected the corrupt Q; Singh allowed him to escape prosecution. And Sonia, a suspect in Bofors bribery, is now the president of the Congress, and chairperson of the National Advisory Council. She condescends to certify Singh's honesty and shamelessly proclaims that she is zero tolerant to corruption. Isn't it a double tragedy?

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san said...

That's why I've stopped referring to the mythological 'Indian Democracy', and am now consistently referring to the Kaangress One Party State.

There's no sense in giving the wily ruling party praetorians a political cover they don't deserve.

Sure, it's a blow to our pride to recognize this ugly reality, but the sooner we face upto reality the better. Doing that means we first call a spade a spade.

slim_shady said...

Only a very small percentage of the recordings have been made public. Will the remainder ever see the light of day?

Matra said...

Now I have new definitions for the word scam.

SCAM - Scourge Called Antonia Maino

SCAM - Stealing conducted by Antonia Maino.