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nov 25th, 2010

here is a man who died for us.

several more died for us on 26/11, and two years later, the perpetrators of that crime have no reason whatsoever to not repeat it: there is no deterrent.

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Saluting our Heroes:

Maj R Parameshwaran, PVC

25 November 2010

From the Indian Army website:

The Param Vir Chakra is awarded for most conspicuous bravery or some daring or pre-eminent act of valour or self sacrifice, in the presence of the enemy, whether on land, at sea, or in the air. The decoration may be awarded posthumously.

*** Saluting our Heores –

Major R Parameshwaran, PVC ***

Maj R Parameshwaran

This is my humble tribute to Major R Parameshwaran, a Param Veer who sacrificed his life on this date,  23 years ago.

Late October 1987, somewhere in northern Sri Lanka: "Operation Pawan" – the campaign in Jaffna that began with LTTE firing at Indian Patrols and killing 4 CRPF Jawans and five unarmed para commandos – is finally winding down. The IPKF have prevailed in spite of the intense and vicious opposition from the Tigers.  Although the town has now been secured, operations are continuing against the LTTE cadres. Jaffna Fort is still under LTTE control and casaualties continue to mount with every passing day.

To compound IPKF's problems, it is becoming impossible to distinguish between the guerillas and civilians. IPKF commanders are worried by increasing instances of surprise attacks by the Tigers in which they open fire on IPKF units and merge back into the civilian population.

Sepoy Govindan, Madras Regiment, says :

It was impossible to say who was a Tiger and who was not. Everyone male or female above the age of 10, could be armed and dangerous. We saw little girls producing guns from under their frocks and shooting at us. How do you fight them?

In deployment since August, the men of 8 Mahar have been facing some of the toughest resistance from LTTE cadres in the last few weeks. It is late into the night of 25th November, 1987. Major Parameswaran is returning back to the camp with his column after a search operation.

Unbeknownst to them, their path leads straight to an LTTE ambush. As the column of 8 Mahar finds itself trapped, their commander Major Parameshwaran exhibits remarkable presence of mind and exemplary courage.

He encircles the Tigers from the rear and boldly charges at them. The LTTE cadres are taken completely by surprise. In the hand-to-hand combat that follows, Major Paramehwaran is shot in the chest.

Undaunted by his serious injury, he snatches a rifle from a LTTE cadre, shoots him dead and although critically wounded, continues to give orders, inspiring his command to fight.  He kills 2 more LTTE cadres before breathing his last.  Hours later, the ambush is finally cleared, leaving in its wake five dead LTTE cadres and Major Parameshwaran. The men of 8 Mahar also seize a cache of arms, including three rifles & two rocket launchers.


Major Ramaswamy Parameswaran, 8 MAHAR (IC-32907)

On 25 November 1987, when Major Ramaswamy Parameswaran was returning from search operation in Sri Lanka, late at night, his column was ambushed by a group of militants. With cool presence of mind, he encircled the militants from the rear and charged into them, taking them completely surprise. During the hand-to-hand combat, a militant shot him in the chest. Undaunted, Major Parameswaran snatched the rifle from the militant and shot him dead. Gravely wounded, he continued to give orders and inspired his command till he breathed his last. Five militants were killed and three rifles and two rocket launchers were recovered and the ambush was cleared .

Major Ramaswamy Parameswaran displayed the most conspicuous gallantry and thought nothing of dying at his post.

As you go about your day today, please spare a moment to remember our heroes..and please share this story of extraordinary courage and valour with your friends and family.

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