Sunday, November 21, 2010

why is india doing well at the asiad? ans: no cricket

nov 20th, 2010

Asian Games win for India: stayed out of cricket, kicking it in athletics, that too in field that includes china (unlike CWG)

i don't know if this is cause and effect, but surely there's correlation. 

btw, there's also rowing -- indian medals there is an impressive story, because the chinese set out some time ago to specifically target olympic rowing. this is thanks to the army -- the entire rowing contingent is from the indian army.

cricket is bad news for india. it is the opiate of the masses, which allows all the loot to happen.


Raghu said...

Cricket is peripheral to this issue. Pls remember that the GOI offered real cash incentives for medal-winning athletes( Rs20L/Rs10L/Rs6L ) after the CWG. That, in my opinion, if of paramount importance.

nizhal yoddha said...

what do you think cricket does?

it offers incentives of crores of rupees to every mediocre players who manages to get into the teams.

i absolutely agree with you: incentives incentivize.

i suggest we reduce the incentives for cricket and bring them on par with those for track and field, not 100x as big.

two years ago, a nationally-ranked rower from kerala committed suicide because she didn't have the funds to train. cricket killed her. PT usha's training academy is struggling, because all the corporate support goes to cricket.

cricket is the reason why indian sports suck.