Thursday, November 18, 2010

Barkha Dutt - Nira Radia tapes

nov 18th, 2010

these are making quite an impact over on twitter: try #barkhagate. also it turns out there are similar tapes from vir sanghvi. both discuss with nira radia (ostensibly) all sorts of shenanigans that show they are not dispassionate, disinterested journalist observers, but active connivers in fraud. 

did you guys notice how the entire indian mainstream media (i have ToI, hindu, eco times, mint, DNA etc on my phone with app 'AG Indian Newspapers' and i looked through them) has been totally silent about the revelations about burqa's tapes?

they take care of their own, obviously. citizen journalism is blowing their cover. 

i was also amused by @jhunjhunwala bashing @rajdeepsardesai on twitter. 

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You have shared this in the past. But in light of what is happening, thought will revisit this. More importantly, this notion of unbiased media in India is all bollocks. NDTV (as also others) are completely embedded with the UPA government. This fact only gets reinforced with these tapes.

Alleged Open Magazine's Barkha Dutt - Nira Radia tapes for download on my blog


sathish said...

From wikipedia abt Burkha:
"She has won many national and international awards,
including the Padma Shri, India's fourth highest civilian honour..."

now she is eligible for bharata ratna / + indira priyadarshini + rajiv khel rathna .. + all the yet to be announced awards

Shiva Subramanian said...

here the is youtube link. pls post. thx.

Non Carborundum said...

Good one Shiva

The Youtube channel of gautamtheking is great. Download all of these clips and keep them. Trolls will force these to be deleted. I am unable to find a trace of the Salman Khan audio clip of about 8-10 years back where he basically admitted to being involved in the Bombay Blasts.

Buy Open magazine - it's available on the stands. It caught my eye and I bought a copy before I read this post. The cover story is "The X-Tapes: How India Really Functions". It is an expose and a management case study rolled into one.

Six people's conversations are covered - Vir Sanghvi, Barkha Dutt, Niira Radia, Suhel Seth, Kanimozhi, and A Raja. Among these, at least A Raja has the humility of a crook. All the rest are equally or more crooked and treacherous and at the same time, self-righteous gas bags.

If such pimps rule then this is a pimpocracy. We deserve better pimps.

Non Carborundum said...

Vir Sanghvi's clips are even better. Niira Radia talks about national interest and giving something back to the people. Self-delusion, insurance against the possibility of her phone being tapped, or both?

bharadwaj said...

All these ba'trds & b'ches should be banned from society. I never expected Suhel to be a crook. I still believe that he is a better person.Vir Sanghvi,huh,product of lucky sperm.Shameless,truely shameless. I hope their spouses and relatives spit on them.

bharadwaj said...

I am surprised that a Kanhimozi tried to save these scums. She is too good a woman to compromise her dignity for these crooks.Surprised, in true sense.

bharadwaj said...

By the way, Balasaheb had fondly called Rajdeep "son of a pig". I have nothing more to add.

vik said...

How beautifully Barkha Dutt has transormed herself from a War Slut to Lobbying Whore. We're all proud of her !!!