Tuesday, November 23, 2010

more sinister chinese moves against india; indians do not make any response

nov 23rd, 2010


China's sinister anti-India moves
Yet there is stability in relationship
by Gurmeet Kanwal

Iits recent annual report to the US Congress on China's military power, the Pentagon revealed that the Second Artillery — China's strategic missile force — had deployed long-range CSS-5 (DF-21) nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles close to the border with India. It has also been widely reported that China has agreed to provide two new nuclear reactors to Pakistan in violation of its non-proliferation commitments and in complete disregard of the Nuclear Suppliers Group guidelines. China's military posturing and its continuing support for Pakistan do not augur well for strategic stability in South Asia.

China's nuclear warhead and missile technology nexus with Pakistan has been meticulously documented by several international experts. By giving Pakistan nuclear warhead technology and 50 kg highly enriched uranium for two bombs, helping Pakistan to test its first nuclear warhead secretly at the Lop Nor range, by gifting fully assembled M-9 and M-11 ballistic missiles to Pakistan and by blessing North Korea's transfer of No Dong and Taepo Dong missiles to Pakistan, China has irrevocably changed the geostrategic equation in South Asia. China's conventional military aid and joint weapons development programmes, including Al Khalid tanks, F-22 frigates and FC-1/JF-17 fighter aircraft, have considerably strengthened Pakistan's war-waging capability.

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