Saturday, November 13, 2010

malaysia shows us all what freedom of religion means

nov 13th, 2010

as mohdans become more affluent, they become more bigoted. malaysia, when it was poor, was much less prejudiced.

it is only 60% mohdan, but it appears that the legal system is 100% of, for and by mohdans only. sharia rules. 

fine protection shamala is going to get in malaysia!

also, i have noticed how all the malaysians have started sporting purely arabic names, whereas in the past they used to use more malay names. gee, thanks, saudi arabia and its petro-dollars and wahabi mosques -- nice way of deracinating these non-arabs and making them second-class arabs. good business, actually -- that means more and more people to head to mecca, filling saudi arabia's coffers anticipating a time when oil runs out. pilgrims will be a steady source of income. 

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Raghu said...

Pls google and read Anwar Shaikh's articles on Islam and his experiences in Malaysia, including those posted on Faith Freedom International.