Thursday, November 25, 2010

Funny limericks - but close to the truth

nov 25th, 2010

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From: Jatin 

Came across this funny limerick somewhere on the internet:

There once was a man named MMS
Who was servile to the Mainos in excess
He lost sleep when the man held in Oz
Turned out to be an Indian Moz
EVMs, CEC & Vote-banks gave him election-success.

There once was a lady named Antonia
Who fancied herself Queen of India
She could barely speak Hindi
Yet claimed to be a Gandhi
Which made Indians forget she was a Phony-ia

There once was a lad named Raoul Maino
Who was less Indian and more Italiano
He never studied or worked at a job
For he had the backing of the Eyetalian Mob
And his Bofors-Billions safe with Uncle Ottavio


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