Thursday, November 25, 2010

Barkha , Raja & Hitler...For posting @ Shadow Warrior

nov 25th, 2010

san, you posted the first, but i wanted to ensure that the second one -- which shows hitler in a more contemplative, and even wistful mood, was also captured.

both are ROTFL funny. thanks, ramesh.

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From: Ramesh 

These 2 videos are freakin hilarious..


Inferno said...

T h i n k i n g .. t h e .. u n t h i n k a b l e .... e u r o z o n e .. b r e a k u p

Inferno said...

What are the Chinese feeding these Atlanticists? ... BBC, NYT... all working overtime on Chinese propaganda.

Inferno said...

Who Gains from the Eurozone Fiasco? China

Who has the ready money available to recapitalize the IMF, if needed? And it will be needed if Spain comes under serious pressure.

Who understands the strategic concept that piles of “reserve currency” can give you great political leverage? It is hard to find such thinking among today’s generation of American politicians.

And who is already playing international economic chess at the highest level?


Bloomberg Link

san said...

Inferno, I agree with you - China's deft quickness to invest in Greece in the wake of the latter's financial fiasco has shown that it sees the financial calamities of others as its own opportunity.

Likewise, the same should follow from the Irish, Portugese, Spanish and Italian crises.

The Atlanticist footsoldiers of European expansion have held the fantasy of one day taking over China. Look at their obsession with the number of Catholics in that country. But it seems like the Chinese may turn the tables and take ownership of Europe.

Given that Brzezinski types no doubt fret over their smaller mother countries being pushed around by the larger European Great Powers, they may welcome China's entry into Europe with open arms, as their Far Emperor. This is not unlike their past attempts to achieve this by ensconcing themselves into US policymaking circles, in order to make use of American power for this purpose.