Saturday, November 20, 2010

kapil sibal makes some broad statements about his boss

nov 20th, 2010

really? sibal: "Nobody questions that PM has interest of nation at heart, or that he would not allow anyone to indulge in corrupt practices"

come on, sibal, you mustn't make such broad assumptions or claims. where is it written than manmohan is all that? even your god nehru, while he personally -- ok, probably -- took no money, allowed a system of sycophancy (and concomitant corruption) to grow up around him. 

there are a lot of people who are not so sure that the 'honest, decent' PM is as pure as the driven snow. for instance, you might remember how he got a no-confidence motion thwarted with large bundles of banknotes. and then the MSM colluded in totally burying that story of gross impropriety. 

and, oh, what about his appointment of a very dubious election commissioner, or the determined stonewalling by the EC about the vulnerability of EVMs to fraud?


Non Carborundum said...


Democracy, the way it is set up requires a certain amount of corruption. But there is a difference between stealing 10% and stealing 90%. Congress has stolen 150,000 Crore (Telecom), 60,000 Crore (CWG), 40,000 Crore (NREGA) among many others that we don't know about yet. Added to that they're incompetent as the CWG showed. Don't tell me there is no difference between stealing 15 lakhs and these amounts.

Murty said...

Farm loan waiver and NREGA together are known to have cost the exchequer a sum of Rs.110,000/- crores. There should be many more such scams. YSR perfected the art of continuous scamming. When the opposition is seized of one big scam, another one used to pop up. This happened many times, with the result that the opposition (and the people) soon lost count of the issues and naturally their focus. Nobody could do anything about it. It is widely alleged that YSR was responsible for a loot of more than 1 lakh crores. No mean feat for a state chief minister. Lucky that he saved himself in the end from ever being brought to book!

India is supposed to be having a robust economy these days in a democracy with all its attendant problems. I never cease to wonder what great heights India would have reached but for these bastards from congress and parties such as RJD, BSP etc.

Raghu said...

Not a word about Satyam/Maytas yet; Kkangress collusion thro YSR probably ensures permanent closure.
Mannu Singh may be upright, but capable, with authority??
But, note how consummately Sibal disarmed Arnav Goswami last night with regard to the entire 2G fiasco. Sundry CAG reports and letters had no chance.This is precisely the problem: blogs and indignant pressmen notwithstanding, real knowledge (ie. intricate govt procedures, documents, files, letters,"real" evidence etc) remains with the corrupt govt. In the hands of a seasoned player, conventional persons don't have a chance.Only Subramaniam Swamy has been incisive and relentless.
In the meantime, everybody laughs all the way to the nearest Swiss bank and Raja received a heroes welcome in Chennai.

OverTheHill said...

The Teflon PM reminds one of the anecdote about the pianist in the brothel. When the place was raided he said he did not know what was going on in the back.