Saturday, November 13, 2010

mohdanism insists you mustn't criticize mohd. p-secs insist you mustn't criticize sonia

nov 13th, 2010

she should have been sued for the 'merchant of death' speech about narendra modi. 

and her son should be sued for the 'rss and simi are same' speech. 

read the article in the new indian express on sonia as empress. especially read the comments.

definition of lese majeste is 'violating dignity of reigning sovereign or against a state'. modi could claim lese majeste more than sonia
unless of course, sonia is in fact queen. which last time i looked is not a constitutional post. is she empress?
why is it lese majeste for sudarshan to criticize sonia, not a govt official, when sonia committed lese majeste against govt official modi?

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Raghu said...

Laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahin maante!