Wednesday, November 24, 2010

moderation on this blog suspended temporarily

nov 24th, 2010

we have suspended moderation on this blog temporarily as an experiment.

however, periodically, offensive or inappropriate posts will be summarily deleted. the moderators' decision is subjective and final as to what constitutes inappropriateness. some hints: a) no crudity and no personal attacks, b) no extreme statements or those suggesting violence, c) no rants and raves. try and keep things reasonably clean, please.

moderation was originally introduced because of the high volume of spam/garbage comments. if the volume goes up again, moderation will be re-imposed. blogspot recently introduced a spam facility, which we hope will catch most of the garbage comments. 


Shankar said...

Also would you please remove the big, intrusive advertisements at the end of each post.

Ads can be displayed on the side as another column, which would not be intrusive.


nizhal yoddha said...

ok shankar will consider this, however, there aren't ads after every post, only one after the first, and then a few more (max 5 on the page).