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nov 4th, 2010

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[ Date : Nov 2nd, 2010 ]

Islamic_fundamentalism_gainingA cause for concern of India's intelligence, which has warned that the radical Islamic outfit calling itself the Popular Front of India, is gradually spreading across the country. What is alarming is that it is tying up with banned groups like the Students Islamic Movement of India.

Union Home Ministry is now worried, as an Intelligence Bureau report has revealed that Islamic fundamentalism is fast gaining ground in Kerala, with its roots spreading right up to Pakistan.

According to a confidential IB report available, Jammat-e-Islami, People's Democratic Front and now the infamous Popular Front of India are collaborating with banned organisation SIMI.

Youths are being trained in manufacturing and handling of IEDs.Karate techniques and traditional martial arts like Kalari are part of the training process and funding for these are coming from the Gulf countries.

What has got the home ministry more concerned is the revelation that PFI's network has now spread beyond Kerala. Organisations from Goa (Citizen's Forum), Rajasthan (Community Social and Educational Society), West Bengal (Nagrik Adhikar Suraksha Samiti), Manipur (Liong Social Forum) and Andhra Pradesh (Association of Social Justice) are all part of PFI's growing network.In fact PFI activists have been arrested in Uttar Pradesh's Muzaffarnagar district too.


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Link to PFI and Sandeep Pandey (ASHA) -

Article dated March 14, 2009 by B. Haran:

Recent events in Pakistan, particularly after Mumbai 2008, pose a real threat to India. Fundamentalists took out a huge rally in Calicut, Kerala. Though ignored by mainstream print and electronic media, the Tamil daily, Dinamalar, reported (19 February 2009) that the Popular Front of India (PFI) organised a massive “National Political Conference” in Calicut from 13-15 February 2009. Whether coincidence or planned, the Taliban simultaneously took out huge rallies in Swat Valley. The conference was attended by members of PFI from 16 states including Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa and Delhi. Its ‘theme’ was “Power for People”!

At the conference, seminars for students and NRIs were conducted separately. Leaders from various politics-oriented Islamic outfits participated; one seminar was titled “Political power and Alternatives.” A seminar “against” terrorism was inaugurated by Magsaysay Award winner and Human Rights (sic) activist Sandip Pandey, and attended by ‘secularists’ like Swami Lakshmi Sankaracharya from Kanpur, advocate Prashant Bushan and Chennai-based Prof. Arunan. Secularist Kavitha Srivatsava, president, PUCL-Rajasthan, inaugurated the seminar on “Women power in politics”. National Ulemas organised a seminar on “Religion in granting power”. Sri Goya, editor, ‘Tejas’ chaired a meeting of media persons. A seminar on “Reservations” was also held. PFI’s National Political Conference culminated with a massive rally and public meeting attended by over two lakh people.

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And the police goes after RSS and sickulars talk of Hindooo terrorism.

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Speech by Nathuram Godse. I think this man's face should be on India's money: