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bangalore: upcoming 2011 World Sanskrit Book fair

oct 31st, 2010

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Please see event details after the links to some of the media reports

The World Samskrit Book Fair 


Samskritam is very much thriving. See it, Believe it, Embrace it!


The Annual World Samskrit Book Fair is a collective effort  by all the major Samskrit-related institutions in India and around the world to popularize and stimulate innovation enabled by Samskrit and its rich knowledge base.Through organizing a book fair, we intend to achieve multiple objectives:

  • Give a fillip to modern Samskrit research and literature,
  • Encourage Samskrit scholars to innovate and publish,
  • Create a 'market' for Samskrit publications,
  • Instill confidence into Samskrit students about the future of Samskrit as a career path, and
  • Popularize Samskrit and mobilize public support for its promotion.

The event is open to the general public of all ages and backgrounds with or without knowledge of the Samskrit language. Though the entire event will be conducted in a totally immersive samskrit environment where all the volunteers interact in Simple Samskrit, people of all ages and backgrounds can easily understand and enjoy.


Sponsors Co-sponsors Organizer
  • Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan
  • Government of Karnataka
  • All Samskrit Universities and Academies
  • Oriental Research Institutes
  • Samskrit Post-graduate Departments
  • National Manuscript Mission
  • Samskrit Promotion Foundation
  • International Association for Sanskrit Studies, Paris
Samskrita Bharati


The venue for the 2011 Samskrit Book Fair has been fixed as the National High School grounds, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA.

Participation Statistics

  • About 1 lakh (100,000) participants (with diverse levels of Samskrit knowledge) are expected from various parts of India and abroad.
  • 10000 Samskrit scholars will be coming as delegates to a conference to be colocated with the fair.
  • Delegates from 24 institutions outside India are expected to attend the fair.
  • 1008 Samskrit Sambhashana Shibirams will be conducted in Bangalore alone, during November and December, creating at least 30000 new initiates into spoken Samskrit. They will be visiting the fair along with their friends and relatives.

Events at a Glance

Event Highlights
Book Fair
  • More than 500 new publications to be released formally.
  • Old Book Donation: Donate your old Samskrit books and collect others' books for free.
  • Lots of free book giveaways every day of the event
  • Knowledge Heritage of India
  • A bird's eye view of the status of Samskrit today
  • Introduction to Manuscript Wealth
  • Vedic Instruments and Charts
  • Demos of Models of Science and Technology
  • Demo of 'संस्कृत विपणिः ', a complete Sanskrit Shop
  • Introductory Posters of Samskrit Universities
  • Inspirational Posters
  • Demo of Traditional Indian way of student evaluation, the shalaakaa pariikShaa
  • Pandita Parishad: Panel Discussions by Scholars
  • Workshops on Translations, New Vocabulary and Role of Samskrit
  • Management and Leadership Principles in Indian Literature
  • naaTakotsavaH: Samskrit Dramas
  • 1008 Spoken Samskrit Classes in Bengaluru
  • Samskrita Griha Sammelanam
  • Samskrit Bala Sammelanam
  • संस्कृत क्रीडाः Games in Sanskrit
  • Display of Indian Intellectual Games: Avadhaanam
  • संस्कृत-गान-सभाः Evening concerts by Stalwart artists singing Samskrit songs exclusively, during the first three days of the fair.


Audience Attractions
For Youth and Children
  • Competitions in schools leading to the Fair
  • Talk in Samskrit, Take a Gift
  • Inauguration of new Sanskrit story books and multimedia
  • Fun-filled game sessions conducted in Samskrit
  • संस्कृतप्रवासः Excursions from local schools to the Venue
For General Public
  • See first-hand how easy and fun Samskrit is to learn and speak
  • See what it is like to go shopping in Samskrit and live in a Samskrit-filled home
  • Appreciate the wealth of knowledge lying unexplored in manuscripts
  • Learn about the various avenues for serious pursuit of Samskrit studies
For Scholars and Students
  • Discover new collaboration opportunities
  • Excite others about own research
  • Educational Tour Destination
  • Create ways to kindle interest among youngsters in samskrit as an innovative career
For Institutions
  • Showcase innovation and improve visibility
  • Find publishers for institutional output
  • Attract new students and faculty
For Publishers Unique Sales Opportunity

  • Single largest congregation of Samskrit scholars, students and connoiseurs
  • A massive line-up of events under way to promote spoken samskrit learning and to generate public enthusiasm for the event
  • Government encouragement promised for book purchases made by institutions within the book fair.

New Partnerships

  • Interact with larger, smaller and individual publishers
  • Influence book prescriptions in the educational curriculum.

Promotional Campaigns

  • Sponsorship of events at the book fair: exhibitions, demos, cultural programs, workshops
  • Author and book promotion events
  • General Visibility in the event (posters, advertisements …)
  • Media coverage before, during and after the event.


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