Wednesday, October 31, 2007

nuclear deal and bjp

oct 31st, 2007

i am not sure the bjp has covered itself with glory on this one, as it has been in two minds: it wanted to take credit (deservedly) for having opened the door to the yanks to work with india, but it also knew this was a bad deal. so they kind of froze and didn't do much.

from the point of view of opponents to the deal (i don't include the communists who have a different agenda) the point was not to kill off the thing. the point was to renegotiate the deal until it met minimum standards of value for india.

a major way of doing this was to delay the thing until it became moot. i think this has been accomplished because the yanks will be too busy with elections now, but they are trying: they have trotted out that old war criminal kissinger and sent him to india to try and cajole indians. and this is the guy who told nixon that indians were untrustworthy :-)

the yanks need this deal more than india does, which is why they have bribed all sorts of people in india to shill for them. the commercials are juicy -- tens of billions of dollars for untested or obsolete designs from general electric and westinghouse. and the strategic value of dominating india's defense and energy future is worth a lot more.

the likelihood is that the deal was so sweet for the yanks that they will come back with a variant of it later. the reason is the rising military power of china, which terrifies the yanks. even the non-proliferation ayatollahs on the democrat side will eventually see that there is enough value in engaging india. the alternative for them will be that india, gasp, will decide that nuclear fission especially using obsolete american technologies is a bad deal (as brahma has been saying, and parenthetically i wouldn't call him virulently opposed, i think he has been systematically laying bare the treason-activity that the kaangress considers its birthright).

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I have for long time not closely followed the nuclear deal, but with my limited understanding, this thought just came to my mind. And for whatever it is worth, here it is:
why can't the BJP constitute a panel of experts like Brahma Chellaney ( who has been virulently oppossing the deal), Abdul Kalam ( who even though has not spoken against or for the deal, has emphasized that India needs to be self sufficient through thorium technology, ) and Anil Kakodkar ( who has recently defended the deal, but overall I believe has the best interests of the country) ...
and then demand that the changes recommended by this panel of experts be made, and then it will support the deal in parliament. If the demands are not accepted then it would become clear that it was in not in the best interests of India (and BJP can take the credit of trying, but not compromising) . If indeed the demands are accepted, then the left would be sidelined totally and still BJP would get credit for making those pro-india changes and seeing it through
comments ? or am i missing something big time ?

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witan said...

This Kissinger is a clown and should not be taken seriously. Therefore, I am repeating below a joke I had heard in the mid 1960s.
“Who is this "Kissinger"? Is he the same guy who was so embarrassed by his own name that he changed it to Jones, and then to Smith, Brown, and so on. He is said to have changed it back to Kissinger when people started singing "I wonder who is kissing her now!"”