Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Modi in Indian Express

A fantastic interview of Narendra Modi in IE today.

With some characteristically lucid, emphatic and unambiguous responses.
No wonder the 4M ELM hates him. He is everything they've been afraid of.

[On, ho-hum, his role in the riots]
The common man has never asked me this question. I go to thousands of meetings and seminars, but I was never asked this question. This question emanates from a particular group, which has vested interest, which belongs to a particular ideology. I have a question for these people. In 2002 the entire media was after me that I was contesting the election on emotive issues, that I did not talk about development. And now in 2007 when I talk about development they asked me why I am shy of discussing emotive issues! I would like to ask these people in the media why don’t they want to talk about development this time.
But he [Togadia] says that Hindus are not safe in Modi’s Gujarat?

Thirty per cent of the districts in the country are living under the shadow of the gun — terrorism, Naxalism, insurgency, you name it. These are Government of India figures. Compared to all these areas, Gujarat is an oasis of peace and security.

The BJP is upset about the transfer of officers recently ordered by the Election Commission. What are your objections?

If police officers are changed in Gujarat and not in Himachal Pradesh, it will raise doubts in the mind of the common man. The Gujarat Government is instructed to remove photographs of ministers from its websites within 24 hours. But you can see the ministers’ photographs even today on Himachal websites. It is in such a situation that questions are raised about the EC.

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