Wednesday, July 13, 2005

worldnet daily: al qaeda bombs already in us!

jul 13th

sounds a little alarmist to me. the sky is falling! man the ramparts! remember the alamo! lock up your daughters!

but readers in the us may want to pay a little attention, esp those in california and texas when you see suspicious-looking packages being bundled across the border :-)


san said...

Ever notice how extremist anti-nationalism and leftist welfare state are always in support of each other?

Read about
Terror on the Dole

These people couldn't look more idiotic if they tried.

san said...

The National Secular Society in Britain is campaigning against a law being considered in the British parliament which would make it illegal to criticize other faiths. This law is strongly supported by Muslim groups in the UK who see it as protection from social prejudice. Yet similar types of laws in other countries have been misused in the past to suppress free debate.