Wednesday, July 13, 2005

washington post: more on china's smoke and mirrors economy

jul 13th

the lot of the rural poor in china is bad and getting worse. imagine a whole bunch of bihars.


Anonymous said...

Yet another pathetic demonstration of Srinivasan's vast inferiority complex toward China. After reading many of his other posts, I think I have pinpointed the root cause of this. The root cause of his hatred of China is neither the current geopolitical situation nor the war in 1962. The root cause is historical. I have noticed how sensitive he gets when the issue of the historical origin
of Indian civilization is brought up, and how far he is willing to cover his ears and close his eyes and scream "I can't hear you!!!" when overwhelming evidence supporting the "Aryan Invasion Theory" is presented. He is jealous of the fact that out of the two Asian civilizations only the Chinese can claim Chinese civilization as entirely their own while Indian civilization was brought to Indians by invading foreigners. So, paradoxically, instead of directing his anger at the Europeans, he chooses direct all his poison at the Chinese. It's like when the victim of a robbery paradoxically doesn't blame the robber but instead is jealous of his neighbor who was not robbed.

Now onto the current issue. Let's face it, with the exception of population size, India is not China's equal, never has and never will be. China's only worthy "permanent enemy" is the United States. India is nothing but an occasional distraction that we have to "teach a lesson" to once in a while. We should milk it for profit when we can and ruin it when it serves us (62' anyone?). When India gets a little too "giddy" (i.e. economic growth gets above 8 percent), it would be the right time to provoke a war between it and Pakistan and set it back at least a decade. I certainly hope this will happen in the next 20 years(Although I will not make any retarded armchair predictions Srinivasan is prone to).


san said...

Maoputra, at least Rajeev doesn't post as an Indian under a Chinese pseudonym, as you clearly do. When asked about the fact that you're really a left-wing India, you became inordinately defensive and attempted to excessively cover yourself on that, thereby exposing yourself even more. By all means, please continue to post, as you only contribute to ad revenue, but I don't see anyone here who find you anything more than pitifully amusing.

Your great Beijing dictatorship is going down the tubes, as they struggle to contain their own population. It will be impossible for China to improve economically while keeping its people under the thumb. The more it advances economically, the more the masses will become empowered to thwart Beijing's police state rule. Therefore you're fighting a losing battle.

I was reading about the London bombers, and they were British-raised kids who decided to blow themselves up. As an Indian faking foreign identity, will you disclose to us whether you'll be strapping on any dynamite in the near future?