Monday, July 04, 2005

if you want to know where all the conversion money is coming from

jul 4th

forwarded by a friend. these are official statistics from the government. of course this is only the tip of the iceberg. for instance the billions coming in by hawala from west asia are not counted here (kerala alone got rs. 740 crores according to that very secular paper, the hindu).,24,Slide


san said...

this article on CNN

Here's a quote:

"In March 1993 a series of blasts in Mumbai killed more than 200 and injured over 1,000.

The bombings were blamed on underworld gangs seeking to avenge the killing of scores of Hindus during the riots."

So Bombay bombings were carried out by Hindu gangs seeking revenge against Muslims? Gee, now I've heard everything.

Anonymous said...

Last para - illustrates how religious diktats are imposed in populations where massive conversion has taken place - thus eroding the native culture.
To all those secularists who claim that conversion is a freedom of expression of religion, it might be worthwhile to spend time in the midst of a christian majority quarter or a muslim ghetto and get to know how secular these communities can be once they are in a relative majority.