Monday, July 04, 2005

vivek paul departs wipro

jul 4

what do you guys think the impact of this will be, if any?

any speculations as to the reasons why he left?


Anonymous said...

read somewhere that he was clearing place for heir apparent - premji's son!

Anonymous said...

Well, if that is true, Wipro justifies their other name in Bangalore software engineers circle, "tel wali company". Seems like Azim Prem (why does he have to put ji, forced respect, eh). Wipro is one of the most looked down on companies in the software Industry amongst young software engineers like me. (No I am not a disgruntled ex-employee). Many of my friends from Wipro are disgruntled and are looking at the first chance to get out. Azim has forced the one man responsible for Wipros success out, for personal ego reasons. Hey should we say that since Azim is a Muslim, he was being discriminatory, like Azhar and Salaman khan has said "discrimination against muslim" when arrested on criminal charges. There is no justice, isnt it.