Thursday, July 21, 2005

sj merc: indian-origin mastermind to london bombings of 7/7?

jul 21

indians dont need to feel left out. here's an indian angle to the bombings.


Anonymous said...

I think the terrorist should get the Indian secularists like to teesta, shabana, praful, desouza and the jnu academics to show that he is actually the victim as they managed to do after godra, kashmir, ayodhya, north-east and others. Heck arundhati might even win a pulitzer in fiction showing these "misguided youth" (better known as terrorists outside india) were only reacting to grave provocation by bush, blair and others who have commited mischief, law-an-order problems, unholy activities in iraq. So the "pogrom" and "genocide" unleashed by americans and britishers agains these innocent terrorists and the iraqis is the one we should be condemning. Haha..i'm getting good at this, now only if I brown-nose Soniaji Madamji I could even become the editor of Indian Express, or maybe the "Hindu" if I suck upto Chinese brainwashers :)

Btw, another of tessta, shabana and arundhati's "boys" shot dead in the London tube today. God forbid if the Indian cops had done this, these goddesses of terrorist sympatizers would be shouting from the rooftops about "fake encounters" and we would only hear about sob stories of the dead terrorist's relatives and friends on how he was an innocent jewel.

Well frankly, methinks it is good riddance of bad rubbish no matter who does it. Btw, the US extends the Indian version on POTA and the Indian press has no news reports on that. But when any Indian leader brings up this topic you know how much newsprint is wasted on condemning them.

Anonymous said...

Well said Anon!!!

We are all with you!!!

Ryan said...

You forgot to mention Mahesh Bhatt...yea the same half-muslim with overflowing sympathies for Pakistan !

Anonymous said...

well, guess what, the guy shot was brazilian!! He wasn't even from the same freakin continent. So our secularists see nothing wrong with that and the "respected" bullshit broadcasting corporation(b.b.c) makes no fuss about it either. See the dichotomy - had the Indian cops shot someone like that, some ACP/DCP/Commissioner would be answering in court(remember the brazilian dude was christian, so more sympathy than dead hindu). I think there is a court case against some top bombay cop who ordered his men to shoot at muslim rioters after they bombay blasts. The situation was brought under control but since the bullets killed muslims, this top cop was hauled over by Srikrishna commission, minority commission, activist judges and ofcourse the pseudosecularists. His career ended and he was made an example of, so how many juniors are now going to shoot at muslim/christian rioters in the future you think.

I am constantly amazed at how even educated Indians don't understand these blatant attempts at minorityism. Such actions over a period of time, abetted by the gods and goddesses of terrorist sympathizers has led to India bleeding today. No wonder we elect a spineless PM and sycophantic CMs and ministers. We should give these Brits a taste of their medicine and pontificate to them about human rights of "alleged islamicists"(hehe). The tessta, shabanas and desouzas can't talk back to white boys so the rest of the folks who have suffered so long in India should give back in the same tone that they have gotten, no mercy for local media or foreign media such as bbc or economist. Let them feel the pain of Indian mothers and sisters who lost their sons, daughters, sisters and brothers to terrorism. Let them realize that it is terrorism when brown countries get attacked and "alleged" terrorism when "white" countries get bombs thrown at them. Lip service to diversity and human rights pontification will not work anymore.