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an example of christian theft of concepts

jul 7th

this is not a new discovery, it has been well known that st. josaphat = bodisattva, but the koreans seem to have done a more thorough study of the process of linguistic change.

in a similar manner, christians are slowly 'capturing' hindu texts as well. for instance, they claim that prajapati and isa in ancient hindu texts refer to jesus. never mind that they are several thousand years older than the alleged birth of the alleged jesus. (one basis of claim, isa sounds so much like yesu, they must be the same). they will retort that they foreshadow jesus, much as muslims claim that all other religions were just beta tests of the true religion islam.

the christian capture of others' ideas is rather like the microsoft way of 'embrace, extend, exterminate' of new ideas. in both cases, it points to a certain vacuity of thought, perhaps a lack of creativity, certainly a tendency to piracy.

since so few hindus now know sanskrit, diligent jesuits and other christians who have learned sanskrit make up these translations (and that of course has been happening since colonial times when max muller intended that his translation of the vedas -- and this is in his own words in a letter to his wife paraphrased -- would strike at the roots of hinduism and destroy it). baffled hindus believe these so-called translations which are actually misinterpretations. the stalinists have always misused these misinterpretations to support their misbegotten ideas about class structure..

now you know why it has been important for the missionaries and marxists and macaulayites to kill off sanskrit. for it is the basis of indic culture, hindu as well as buddhist/jain. and 'The First Prime Minister of India' (Trademark) collaborated -- wittingly or more likely unwittingly -- in this endeavor. incidentally he was also the one who allowed fundamentalist christian preachers free access to the hill states of the northeast, with the result that they have been fully christianized in 50 years.

forwarded by a friend.


Academicians Claim Buddha Turned Into European Saint

By Kim Ki-tae
Staff Reporter

Greek drawings estimated to be from the 12th century show Ioasaph
teaching Christianity to the public. A group of researchers claim the
European saint is a derivation of the Buddha. Courtesy of Antiquus

The ancient tale of Gautama Siddhartha, the founder of Buddhism,
spread from his homeland to Europe, where he became a Christian saint
with the name of ``Iosaphat."
That's the conclusion of a group of Korean researchers who have
conducted a multi-linguistic study of the westward spread of the story
of the Buddha.

``It is apparent that the name Iosaphat originates from Buddha,'' Paik
Seung-wook, a lecturer of Spanish at Seoul National University said.

According to Paik, while the Buddha's tale spread westbound, his name
``Buddha'' or ``Bodhisatta'' in Sanskrit, changed gradually in
accordance with various linguistic backgrounds with similar accounts
of the tale.

For example, it changed to ``Bodisav'' in Persian texts in the sixth
or seventh century, ``Budhasaf or Yudasaf'' in an eighth-century
Arabic document and ``Iodasaph'' in Georgia in the 10th century.

The name in turn was adapted to ``Ioasaph'' in Greece in the 11th
century, and ``Iosaphat'' or ``Josaphat'' in Latin since then.

``The gradual change of the name shows the westward spread of the tale
from Nepal (where the Buddha was born) to Persia, the Middle East,
Greece and Europe,'' Paik said.

Paik is a member of a project research team undertaking a study of the
literary interchange between the East and the West. The Korean
Research Foundation is sponsoring the study, and the study results
were published in the June-July edition of the bimonthly ``Antiquus.''

As it spread, the tale adapted different versions according to various
religious backdrops. In the Greek account, a hero Ioasaph, a prince in
India, one day witnessed blind, sick and old people on the streets
outside of the palace. The scenes shocked the innocent prince and led
him to contemplate the agony and emptiness of life. One day, a
Christian monk named Barlaam visited the anguished prince and taught
him the religion. Enlightened, Ioasaph abandoned his secular values
and led an ascetic life until his death. This account has a striking
similarity to that of the Buddha's tale.

In Europe, the story spread to most regions, especially since the 11th
century, and the tale's hero has been acclaimed as the champion of
Christianity, not Buddhism.

``There are slight differences in accounts in different texts. For
example, in an Arabic account, the prince married a woman, but in a
Greek text, he overcomes temptation from female figures,'' Paik said.

According to Paik, there have been previous studies in Britain and
Germany on the cultural transmission of Buddha's tale to Europe, but
he said this study is the first time scholars approached the subject
in a comprehensive and multi-linguistic way.

``The research covered eight languages _ Sanskrit, Georgian, Arab,
Turkish, Persian, Greek, Latin and Spanish. Our team studied the
original text in six languages, and the other two in English,'' Paik


Anonymous said...

What Rajiv says is very true.I have heard the bible referred to as vedas,Jesus referred to as deva,prayer referred to as sthothra

Jayarajan said...

Christian fundementalists in India (Esp Kerala) have been barking out for years on 'Prajapati, 'issa' etc. They (i think a terrorist named Koshy abraham) have even published more than 10 publications on this to fool the gullible public. Another terrorist is Potta (trichur in kerala)based Aravindaksha menon, who converted and has been abusing hindus for long. Add to this list, the christian journos (in hindu names like 'raju nair' of deepika) finds pleasure in abusing hindus and hindu saints.

If hindus in Kerala are not going to wake up , unite and free their temples from the minority loot, t'rrow they will even 'convert' saints like Sree Narayana guru to St. Nathaniel and Shri Chattambi swamy to St. Chad

Smitha said...

Hi folks..

I am impressed with the 'josh'(Energy/fervour)in the blog..Before we analyse any issue there must be facts to back it..

I believe I am a level headed well read youth and an advocate by education..

I urge you to please study at least the basics of Hinduism,christianity and islam to enter into any discussions..
That should clarify u tensions and understand each group better..

point 1:all religions want to preach,propogate and protect their beliefs/interests.
point 2:religious heads of all religions have distanced/discouraged commoners from reading texts.there is politics and power struggles between religious heads
point 3:all common people believe what majority says..nobody wants to read to analyse anything..

If u have agreed to this on..
Clearly base your evaluation on common sense..
Which was first civilisation-mesopotamian
Who were aryans??..migrants to india
How did languages of people differ and clashes occur-only answer available in torah,bible and Quran
i.e. Tower of Babel..
Do the Holy books give atleast approximate time ,dates,history etc.
Bible has been validated with reference to dates periods.

So the argument of vedas being written first stand cancelled.

valmiki,vashishta..were ordinary people who meditated and searched answers to mans inner quest for God..

hence the vedas are answers to that quest..steeped in Philisophy.

Hinduism and Christianity differ mainly in a vital area which u all havent discussed

Is there Sin in the world?
If there is sin ..what happens to the sinner?
Is there solution(paapa moksha)?
If we are Gods(as per Hinduism)why are we in distress?
Is there evil in the world?
Is there a God who loves me even if I am wrong,hurt,angry or sick..??

I am giving u a practical insight into the mind of a convert to christianity..everybody has hurts and troubles in this life.All want companionship and comfort..(If u agree to that)..
Ask yourself what is wrong in praying to a God who promises to carry us in his arms in trouble,be mother to us and love us unconditionally.

Rest all this beating around the bush is confusion..
Jesus may be desperately searched in Kashmir,Korea or USA
but unless the difference in basics are understood everything else is marketing and all arguments..clanging of empty pots

nizhal yoddha said...

i'm afraid, smitha dear, that you are *not* a level-headed, well-read youth. you are a convert, who has had her stuffed with a lot of nonsense. presumably you also got a lot of monetary benefit from conversion, but don't come and vomit your idiocy here.

1. the concept you worship as jesus christ is in fact lucifer. this has been shown in detail by leo panakal. read his books "key to the bible", and "judgment on christianity"

2. the bible is full of lies. it has nothing divine about it, and is so full of contradictions that is clear every monk who transcribed it added whatever he felt into it. there is no historical validity to anything in it, it is a story. read the 'annotated bible' on the net, as well as the scholarly books that show how much the thing has been manipulated and modified to suit the whims and fancies of the godmen in charge at any given time.

3. the entity named jesus christ did not exist. he is a complete hoax.

4. the god of the bible is a monster, not a loving entity. your yahweh is a third-rate devil called ialdaboath. look him up. this is why you are all 'god-fearing'. yeah, your god yahweh who calls himself 'a jealous god' is actually a clever satan.

5. christists have caused more death and destruction than all others in the world, even though the mohammedans and communists are trying hard to match them. you ought to be ashamed of being taken in by the propaganda of such a death cult.

just because you can type on to the internet doesn't mean you are educated. you are essentially an illiterate person who has been hoodwinked by the padres.