Thursday, July 07, 2005


jul 7th

san, excellent idea about the wikipedia. those who feel strongly about any topic related to india should go to the wikipedia and edit the appropriate articles there. because over time the wikipedia is getting to be one of the most accepted reference books out there.

create new articles too. that would give your views a lot more leverage and staying power than posting them on this blog. it would be a better use of your time (says he, bemoaning the fact that this will hurt his blog -- this is the kalidasa syndrome, cutting off the branch on which you sit, but then indians are quite good at that).

i have anonymously edited a couple of articles there. beware that the leftist indian mafia is strong there too and will hamper your efforts.


san said...

Hi Rajeev, yes, the Leftists and Pakistanis do also frequent those arenas.

And yet Wikipedia is now the world's largest encyclopedia, surpassing Britannica by a wide margin. It is also indexed under Google and other major search engines, and usually given high page ranking.

I noticed so many pictures posted by camera phone users directly on the scene of the London bombings. The visual images are very vivid. This is exactly the sort of persuasive visual evidence that India supporters should gather and make available when terrorist attacks occur in India. Then such events will not be so out of sight and out of mind to others.

Dhruv Padmanabhan said...

while I appreciate your thought, posting and promoting visual images of terrotist attacks in India will have a downside too. It is only going to take one stupid incident near bangalore to stem the tide and seed doubts into the minds of multi nationals. We have enough negative pub in hte western media where India is still portrayed as people taking mud baths in the ganges and a bunch of snake charmers. It might work for the Poms but as we all know there is a double standard and it might backfire for India.

Jai Hind said...

If you are owner of walmart or cosco you know where your next stop should be.

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Anonymous said...

Checkout this story abt Bibek Debroy resigning over Sonia playing editor.

san said...

There is also Wiki News as well. Here's an example of a tiny insertion I made into a Wiki News Article on London Attacks:

Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh of India expressed outrage at terrorist attacks in London, saying these only "underscore our contention that terrorism is a global phenomenon that needed to be tackled with concerted effort." Recalling that India was the victim of a terrorist attack only two days ago when heavily armed men assaulted a shrine at Ayodhya before being killed, Dr Singh said the incidents demonstrated that "global terrorism does not respect international boundaries and we all need to work together to counter it."

It only took me a grand total of 30 seconds to do.

Hmm, this Wiki stuff makes me wonder. Borrowing from Reagan's Supply-side Economics, I think that if News Portals can be designed around Ease of Input('supply'), then it can result in a new type of mass-participation in news gathering, analysis and commentary which will be more resonant with mass audiences.

If you were to couple this type of reporting with online polling, I'd bet that such wiki news reports would consistently score higher in poll ratings than articles with lone authors.

san said...

Dhruv, I hear what you're saying, but I don't think hiding from the truth will help us. Terrorism is ugly, and its ugliness should not be hidden. Simultaneously, mass-participative inputs can be used to contribute to building up India's tourism image. Just imagine what kind of positive image-building could result if anyone who's ever taken a beautiful snapshot in India could add theirs to the collage. Like that SkyscraperCity Photo Gallery I posted before.

Sound contradictory? I think not. Like the old saying goes, "Without Light there is no Darkness, Without Darkness there is no Light"

It is precisely by showing the nice things (happy scenic moments)in juxtaposition with the bad things (terrorism), that the full debasement of such events is conveyed. Seeing pictures of Nariman Point or India Gate after the bomb blasts there looks even worse when you can also see the 'before'(pre-blast) pictures.

Haven't you ever seen the happy smiling joyful photos of the 9/11 victims? It's things like those which convey maximum impact. Those are the things which make people and politicians say "Let's Roll"