Thursday, June 30, 2005

tech happenings

jun 30th

lots happening in tech these days.

google hits $300. amazing. i thought they were overvalued at $200 and so did not buy. now i wish i had. i'd sell now if i had shares, although i am impressed by google. this is frothy valuation.

what's this about google earth? sounds like a great product, but when i went to download it, they had taken downloads off the net. allows you to 'fly' around a virtual globe using satellite photos. i've found the new google maps very good, esp the ease of navigation, and the satellite photos are quaint. the google earth technology sounds orders of magnitude more interesting.

palmone has acquired the rights to the 'palm' name from the software company, palmsource. palmone is doing well on the basis of the treo, which got a dazzling rave review in the nytimes. i have been a palm user for almost 8 years, but now i have an ipaq as well. what do you guys think, does the palm have a future? i like the palm much better as a simple, single-purpose device rather than the ipaq which is a computer. but the ipaq screen is much better. i synchronize with avantgo for news from the net, and it's easier to read text on the ipaq.

how does one move palm contacts and datebook data to the ipaq? is there a simple way to migrate palm data to the pocket pc? is there some utility somewhere? i am certainly not planning to retype all the contact and datebook info.

the amd suit against intel seems to be pretty broad and vicious, and perhaps has an element of truth in it.

sanjay kumar, ex-ceo of computer associates, has been accused of paying off someone $3.7 million to not reveal damaging information to the feds. that man is in a lot of trouble.


Mahesh said...

Try transferring the contacts using Infrared. If it doesn't work, you can always access your PC using the Wifi capabilities of the iPaQ

Laks said...

Try downloading Google Earth from this direct link. It worked for me even after they stopped in the main link.

All I can say that it is an amazing software. Waiting for hi-ress photos of more non-US cities soon.

blackpanther said...

check the borders for india in google earth. :(

san said...

Well, I hear that Blackberry is still the market leader because of its communication abilities. Palm's LifeDrive recently got some attention because of its storage capacity. But I'd tell you to hold out for the coming crop of WiFi handsets (particularly those using longer-range WiMax), since these will give you the most communication bandwidth for your buck.

san said...

Speaking of new tech, check out the latest on Stem Cell Advances

Anonymous said...

Maoputra returneth.

kp said...

You should try world wind 1.3. Its simply amazing. You can even see the swaraj round in trichur.

san said...

Here's a nice slideshow from Businessweek on the IDEA Awards for excellence in Industrial Design. Worth checking out.