Saturday, July 09, 2005

economist's teesta-setalvadism

jul 9th

economist's report on the ayodhya terrorist attack. a riot in ayodhya in which 2,000 people were killed? when, when?

In India, six militants attacked a disputed religious site in Ayodhya, which is claimed by both Hindus and Muslims. Indian security forces killed all six militants, but the attack could impede India's peace process with Pakistan. Meanwhile, a high court ruled that opposition leader Lal Krishna Advani could stand trial on charges of inciting a riot at the site in 1992, in which 2,000 people were killed. Mr Advani may appeal to India's Supreme Court.

economist's report on the london terrorist attack. 'evil'? 'terror'? rather judgemental words. and no concern that this might 'impede' some 'peace process'?


London under attack
Jul 7th 2005
From The Economist print edition

After the joy of winning the Olympics, evil came swiftly


san said...

Let's look at another example of Teesta-ism, or Arundhati-ism, by another fellow:

This Dipstick Dipankar is quick to attack the police on ethnic profiling. Well, I've had my own moments where I've been taking aside by customs inspection police, and frankly I don't mind it. I think that when they do this, they are doing their job. It's not like they had nothing better to do and suddenly decided to pick on me as a leisure activity.

The Leftists, especially our Indian Leftists, are quickly acting to stand up for their Islamist allies. So here come our ethnic kinsmen on the Left, parading their skin colour before the cops, brandishing it as their political calling card.

They're looking to emasculate the police, and turn them into timid lapdogs afraid to perform their duties.

It's during moments like these when we non-White conservatives need to speak up to support vigorous anti-terrorist policies and practices -- with the caveat that we Indians should be equally vindicated in our POTA/TADA/etc.

We non-Whites who despise terrorism, instead of paying lip-service and crocodile tears over it, should barter our support for effective anti-terror standards that all of us can apply.

Like I've said before, White Western Conservatives need to stop shunning East Asian Conservatives. Our 2 sides must come to an understanding, to stand against this common threat to our existence. Then we can commonly act to put this Red-Green Alliance in its place (the dustbin).

I support ethnic profiling. What other solution is there? Anybody who has a superior miraculous mind-reading device, please bring it forward or hold your tongue.

Like I said in regards to the Invisible World of Quantum Physics, when there is something you can't see directly, you have to fall back on statistical measurements as your tool of last resort -- aka. ethnic profiling, in this case.

I'd like to hear some comments back on this from the Leftist crowd, as I'm eager to hear their miraculous solutions to tracking terrorists.

san said...

Here is an interesting article on a new literary Kurosawa in Japan

san said...

Something cute a friend told me about the other day. He came across a dollar bill with a web addr written on it.

What the website does is to track the voyages of various currency notes across the country. People who come across a marked currency note and are tempted enough to visit the website can then report their whereabouts. Just a cute idea.

san said...

A few years ago, someone staged a Flashmob event in Bombay
which immediately attracted the attention of the police, who are naturally geared towards crowd control. As you know, a Flashmob is when a group of people have pre-arranged to gather at a certain location and time to stage a certain event there, when signalled via cellphone.

While Flashmobs may be illegal in India, the idea of the smartmobs may still have its place. Smart mobs are groups of people capable of acting in concert without members knowing each other or necessarily having pre-arranged in advance. The rapid image-gathering by cameraphone owners at the time of the London bombings is an example of this.

The further introduction of GPS (Global Positioning System) into these mobile devices means that in exchange for making your location known to someone, you might become readily contactable to avail yourself of some local opportunity/service, whether for your own benefit or for benefit of others(society?).

This whole idea is very intriguing isn't it? I wonder what its effect on political activism will be?

Anonymous said...

Here is ablogger from kerala who presents same views in her blog to international audience about ayodhya's ram temple: