Thursday, July 28, 2005

maoputras attempting sabotage in haryana?

jul 29th

the ruckus at the hero honda factory has gotten lost because of the media obsession with the mumbai fire-and-water ordeal. but it's a significant issue nevertheless: the fifth columnists of the chinese are trying their level best once again to help the fatherland. they also want to export the 'prosperity' of bengal and bihar to haryana.

the background is that both taiwanese and japanese firms have been looking much more positively at india in the recent past, as china has shown its 'peaceful rise' by orchestrating mass demonstrations against japan and making more aggressive noises about nuking america if it were to support taiwan. thus there is more opportunity for FDI flows being diverted from china to india; someone on this blog also provided a pointer to a detailed article about the revival of manufacturing.

all this, of course, is a no-no for the manasa-putras of mao. their thirty silver coins are in jeopardy, so what better than to attack a japanese-owned factory? brinda karat, the heroine of the kandahar episode -- she was caught on camera chivvying on the relatives of the hostages on the plane to force the government to cave in -- is probably once again doing her best against india's national interests. (i haven't been following the news very carefully on this, i read tvr shenoy's rediff article on this topic, and he mentioned brinda karat. i don't know what her role has been in this fracas).

ps. someone said the suddenly famous chinese 'admiral' was a eunuch. it figures, his alleged descendants, the maoputras, are also eunuchs.


doubtinggaurav said...

Prakash and other pinkos recently went to PRC.....
What did they discuss ?

Anonymous said...

The violence was started by INLD party, not by the striking workers.

INLD are no commies.

Anonymous said...

See Definitely, the issue is more than your cup of normal bashing, there might be the simmering civil unrest here. Besides, if you accept that the State has done little to protect agriculture, but don't support protection of labour rights, then you're ofcourse, being as myopic as ever.