Friday, July 29, 2005

prospect magazine: interview with a pakistani-brit jihadi

jul 30th

very interesting article and interview by tavleen singh's son (his father is a pakistani muslim and tavleen divorced him). this aatish is engaged to a british royal family member.

captures the reasoning behind islamist terrorism.

the comments on india are interesting too. like spain, india is the prize islam had -- and lost; okay, almost had and lost, in india's case.

in many ways, india is islam's biggest failure because it subverts islam's claim to be universal religion so attractive that anybody who encounters it automatically embraces it, of course unless they are wicked. (well, maybe indian hindus are all wicked people, that is a logical possibility).

the fact is that even downtrodden and conquered hindus -- even the most oppressed among them -- did not generally accept islam unless forced to. this is in contrast with the complete islamization of other civilizations such as egypt and persia. and is a remarkable tribute to the resilience of hinduism as well as of its distributed nature (i have written about this -- goodbye! foul millennium -- in relation to the 'cathedral and bazaar' concept.)

and this is a direct contradiction of the marxist claim that islam and by extension marxism were the instruments of the emancipation of india's oppressed lower castes. no, here is proof by existence that they were not.

 August 2005 | 113 » Interview » A British jihadist
Hassan Butt, a 25 year old from Manchester, helped recruit Muslims to fight in Afghanistan. Like most of the London bombers, he is a British Pakistani who journeyed from rootlessness to radical Islam

Aatish Taseer

It is not hard to imagine what the Leeds suburb of Beeston was like before it became known that three of London's tube bombers worked or lived there. For someone like me— a Punjabi with parents from each side of the India/Pakistan border—the streets of Beeston reveal a pre-partition mixture of Punjabi Muslims and Sikhs. Despite the commotion caused by half the world's media, men in shalwar kurta (traditional dress from the subcontinent) stand around on street corners chatting as if in a bazaar in Lahore. They oppose Britain's involvement in the Iraq war, they "hate" America, they might even think that the west has united in a fight against Muslims, but these are not the faces of extremism. Their involvement in 7/7 is a generational one: they have raised the people who are the genus of Islamic extremism in this country—the second-generation British Pakistanis.

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Anonymous said...

Intresting article Rajeev. The argument for brotherhood is forceful, just like the marxist utopia. He threatens others, says that there has to be a central authority of islam [ WHich would controll the media, economy, army etc...]. Obviously this would support the terrorists who would rape or abduct women at their will, not to mention the plunder and finaces. Now the Islamic love is that, one can be part of this brotherhood by joining the plunderers. In my opinion the best thing to do is to oppose these plunderers and terrorists, forget about the brotherhood or manhood ( if that allows raping others love, then your love will also be raped by superior islamists). The definition of human for these idiots is a brotherhood that would obediently follow the political central Islam. [ Is it any different for the marxists ?]. While Islam will allow you to join prayer with the powerful beasts, Marxists will allow you to join their politiburo. But of these beasts of marxisim and central islam are not existing, they have nothing to offer you in terms of brotherhood, they would love their hypothetical brothers in Arabia. This ummah is merely an enticement.

Anonymous said...

really a hard hitting article. it somehow feels like that the present generation of well to do muslims just woke up and found that there is no islamic caliphate and want to have one.
at the heart of this is the conservative right wing thought that every word in islam is to be taken literally . remove islam and put the US constitution or the bible u will get the right wing american conservatives and the evangelicals.the debate about the 'constituion in exile' and the supreme court judges, and that affirmative action ( or quotas/reservations) is not mentioned(in the constitution and so iillegal) or that abortion is not mentioned (so it is illegal).

Anonymous said...

Good point, anonymous2. These are the true idol-worshippers, convinced that their blind, unquestioning faith is the right thing. You might add Marxists also to your list of literalist book-thumpers. None of them would recognize freedom of thought it was presented to them on a platter.

Jai Hind said...

The similarities between Marxists and Islamists cannot be missed. Both talk of representing the "innocent" and the "oppressed" of the world. Both talk of thinking above the nation you were born. Both play on the insecurities of the people.Both are against democracy.Both oppose America and Capitalism.
So in effect both are two sides of the same coin. Lets call them Marxislams. And Marxislamism is what Arundati Roy,Shabana Azmi,Saeed Naqvi,Teesta Setalavad,Brinda Karat adhere to under the guise of "liberal", "progressive" , "secular" labels.

joker said...

Is that wierdo , atish whatever, Tavleen Singhs son ?? Which Tavleen singh, the one who writes columns in Indian Express, and nowadays in India today. Is it, or is it some hopeless tavleen singh who no self respecting Indian would have married.