Thursday, July 21, 2005

economist: diplomatic coup for india [sic]

jul 21st

this confirms it. if uber-atlanticist 'economist' thinks it's a good deal, then it means india has been raped in this deal, as brahma chellaney and kanchan gupta have written elsewhere.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Rajeev...I am afraid India got screwed in this deal. Basically, if you pardon my Fench, India opened up the nuclear Lungi, while US secured bigger market for GE and created a dependency upon their fuel supplies.

I also don't know why India is wasting so much political capital on securing a useless seat on the security council. UNSC has been designed to be a weak and infirm power structure that was created to provide a fig-leaf of legitimacy to the nefarious activites of super-powers. India has nothing to gain strategically from the UNSC seat : India doesn't need UNSC to project power in SE Asia, while the UNSC can do nothing to prevent Paki jihadism into Kashmir. However, if you'll forgive my mixed mataphor, the US is milking that bargaining chip for all its worth. By pretending that the UNSC seat is worth so much, US is able to extract a very heavy price from India in the negotiations. I suspect that this latest deal-rape is basically India's capitulation towards getting that worthless UNSC seat.