Monday, July 25, 2005


jul 25th

see, this proves that kerala is peopled with the chinese "admiral's" offspring. suicide and depression are major problems in kerala too.

or is it just that the religion of marxism/maoism inculcates suicide in people?

can these people be turned into suicide bombers dying for mao so that they can go to marxist heaven and hang out with marx, mao, deng and 72 other great proletarian leaders?

naah... fat old men don't have that certain elan that non-menstruating, non-impregnatable,  untiring, eager virgins have.

so when does kerala declare itself the 51st (or whatever) state of china? there can be another small chinese enclave in chennai too, at the headquarters of a leading newspaper.

China facing epidemic of suicide, depression

Mon Jul 25, 9:02 AM ET

Suicide is the number one cause of death among people aged 20 to 35 in China, where an estimated quarter of a million people a year -- or 685 a day -- take their lives, state media said Monday.

Each year an additional 2.5 million to 3.5 million Chinese unsuccessfully attempt suicide, which stood as the fifth major cause of death among the country's 1.3 billion people, the China Daily said.

Disproportionate rates of suicide and depression among young people appear to be a direct result of increasing stress in China's rapidly changing society.

"Society is full of pressure and competition, so young people, lacking experience in dealing with difficulties, tend to get depressed," Liu Hong, a Beijing psychiatrist, was quoted as saying.

More than 60 percent of people who took part in a survey of 15,431 Chinese suffering depression over the past two years were in their 20s or 30s, the newspaper said.

The escalating problem had drawn increasing concern from the government and public alike, leading to the creation of a national, 24-hour free suicide prevention hotline in August 2003.

Since then, more than 220,000 people had called the number, though Canadian Michael Phillips, executive director of the Beijing Suicide Research and Prevention Center, said only one in 10 callers could get through on the first try.

"That is very dangerous because most of the callers are anxious and may commit suicide impulsively," Phillips was quoted as saying.

Lung cancer and traffic accidents are the biggest causes of death in China.


san said...

Here's an article which watches how Europe Tries to Remove Parallel Societies

When Indians complain about parallel societies, we're called fascist/chauvinist/oppressive. But when the Europeans want to talk about it, then all of a sudden they're the Oracle of Delphi.

What the hell kind of double-standard is this?? The hypocrisy is stunning.

Anonymous said...


A late dawn in the land of early raisers!!!

Phew.. when will Indians wake up!!

Rahul BR said...

Mr. Srinivasan, that Chinese admiral you mention (Zheng he) was a eunuch!! So, the people in Kerala couldn't have been his offspring.

Anonymous said...

When a country is growing at phenomenal rate as china, the ugly consequences can only be imagined. The real problem with china is its distinct lack of democracy and the suppression of minority culture and languages i.e the absence of human rights. Instead of focusing on these issues this forum has become the peddler of misplaced hate for the chinese civilization, which has made significant contributions historically. In fact the very same thing that the West has forgotten this forum also fogotten, that is the chinese dont live in a free society. the west has forgottten that conveniently so that they can import cheap products from them and thus keep polluting heavy industries away from their land and water. but why has this forum forgotten that?. instead of favoring a rational and open minded oppposition to the chinese idea of world domination, this forum peddles more hate and warm-mongering
Gopal Krishna

Anonymous said...

That is to be hated is to be hated. Chinese are encircling India militarily, once attacked and took away real estate, in recent times creating flash flood, threatening India's security through their proxy(Pakistan) by proliferating nukes and the list goes on. So what if they contributed historically. How does it matter now?


san said...

Hate, shmate, Gopal when China is giving nuclear weapons and missiles to Pakistan, when it is building naval bases in Burma and Baluchistan, when it is fomenting brutal Marxist insurgency in Nepal, then you're interested in discussing Chinese historical contributions -- are you daft?? What will you do during the next Tsunami -- run to save your life, or stop to ponder the historical influence of plate tectonics? Now we know what Nehru must have sounded like in 1962.

Anonymous said...

Hey San and the anonymous guy.
India's security is at stake and everybody knows that. if china was a democracy like us , I am sure we wouldnt be fearing them as much we do now.
and without thinking of the consequences you will support a war which will cerainly result in mutually assured destruction. and as for me sounding like nehru , tell it to Rajeev, I sent a map of all the land eaten up by china and pak and asked him to post it. no word yet. I care a hoot for the chinese. what kind of a noise is this forum making on the continous killings of people in Nepal,? all by Maoists, nothing.
this forum has become a watering hole for war-mongers who wish for a 'short and sweet war' , from when has war become sweet?. many of the readers want to kill themselves before the chinese come to dominate by starting a war. why dont they kill themselves now, when the americans are dominating the world and Indians who have 3 times the population goes to the US with a begging bowl?.
and why dont you talk about the great Jaswanth singh, giving the terrorist hijackers of kandahar what they wanted. the last I remember Jaswanth Singh was not from Congress.
textremism of any kind wont help. be it maoism of the chinese or national socialism of hitler. Gopal

san said...

Gopal, nowhere have I demanded mindlessly charging head-on into war with the Beijing warmongers. We are easily outmatched by their military. But I'm saying we can't afford to let things slide further, without critically endangering our survival. Your waxing philosophically about Chinese contribution to history is frivolously academic. I'm not sure what you're taking issue with us on Nepal, unless you're trying exonerate the Marxists. India's begging bowl has been built by Marxists, and whatever issues I have with the Americans, I at least recognize they've done much better than us. Yes, Jaswant Singh did something unforgivable, and it shows that even our so-called 'right wing parties' are really leftist by international standards. It shows that when Indians err internationally, for the most part it's on the side of capitulation and appeasement.

Anonymous said...

hey San
my waxing about chinese history is more of your presumption than anything else. if you are a student of history you will know that the greatest accounts of Takshashila and Nalanda come from two chinese travellers Fa hein and Hieun Tsang , not from your direct knowledge of their existence. both those learning centers survived for more years than oxford or cambridge has survived till date. and dont paint the poster boys of right wing indians to be leftist by international standards. what india needs is a healthy dose of self confidence and 'can do' attitude, not rage and anger - Gopal

san said...

'Healthy dose of self-confidence' -- what they need is a healthy dose of reality.

All this academic appreciation of art is very uplifting, but now please get your head out of the clouds and your feet planted back firmly on the ground. In case you hadn't noticed, the Communist Party of China is a rather ugly turn in Chinese history, and even their Cultural Revolution caused quite a lot of destruction to their heritage. That's what happens with these off-balance ideologies. I'm not expressing any alleged rage or anger, I'm expressing a normal desire for presence of mind in the face of fanciful reverie like yours.

Anonymous said...

masterpiece!.... "if you are a student of history you will know that the greatest accounts of Takshashila and Nalanda come from two chinese travellers Fa hein and Hieun Tsang , not from your direct knowledge of their existence"

If your direct knowledge of existence of anything in the past is attributed to mythology, or not acknowledged at all by authors of history; then for the students of history all the greatest (or otherwise) accounts of all the events in your history are given only by outsiders.