Saturday, July 23, 2005

nytimes: friedman on terrorists and their supporters

jul 23rd

we know some of them excuse makers, don't we? the entire indian ELM (english-language media) is full of them, some names of arch-apologists verily leap off the page.

oddly enough, not many of them have pontificated at length on the london bombings so far as i know, although i have not been perusing indian newspapers carefully, being preoccupied.

is it because the venerated excuse-makers have no excuses to make when whites are killed, it's only when brown hindus (1/50 the value of a white life and 1/33 the value of a muslim life) are killed that they get all excited about the 'human rights' of terrorists and not of the victims? why are there no calls from you-know-who about the 'human rights' of the fellow shot on the tube in london? or appeals to not call them 'terrorists' but rather 'misguided secular boys'?

the excuse-makers are the worst sinners of the lot. at least the terrorists believe in *something*, but the excuse-makers prostitute themselves. much like the pharisees of christian mythology.

truth-tellers, for instance sandhya jain, are vilifed for telling the bald and complete truth.


Anonymous said...

I have come to believe that somewhere somehow 1000 years of foreign (mis)rule has inflicted some genetic damage in India. Otherwise it is just unfathomable that a civilization which boasts of people as Chanakya has got infected with acute masochist tendencies.

ryan said...

Indeed. And then we have the esteemed JNU, the self-hating communist bastion, the treasure house of all masochist ideas. What could have been more embarrassing than our very own PM congratulating the British for their good-governance. All that remains is for us to invite our masters to once again hand over the reins of the country.

Anonymous said...
Tavleen Singh's latest column.

She has been writing her mind looks like. And she does make a valid point that there are no Muslims who are openly condemning/debating the madrassa system. She also writes of the huge amountof hate mail she has received over the previous columns.
These are the kind of columns that can make ELM "fair and balanced"

san said...

Some news articles:

Pakistan Still Won't Execute Daniel's Pearl's Murderer

Islamist Media in Pakistan Call Bombings Zionist/British Plot

san said...

The Atlanticist mouthpiece NYT darkly warns of Looming Civil War in Iraq

I would describe the possible arrival of Shia-Sunni civil war in Iraq as a positive development for the rest of the planet, security-wise. Because the international Islamic fundamentalist gang would suddenly be split, and locked into a spiralling fratricidal conflict with each other. They would use up their best people inflicting harm upon each other, rather than upon us.

Macho, hormonally-driven Islamist fanaticism is very good at provoking a fight, but not very good at putting on the brakes to stop one. Command-and-control over these cavemen seems to be a major weak point, as Musharraf has been ruefully finding out over these past weeks -- a weakness that can be usefully exploited.

A well-known technique among forrest rangers is to set a fire in the dry tinder to burn it up, so that it can't pose a hazard later on. Same thing with detonating charges to get rid of avalanche buildup.

Let the suicide bombers take each other on, rather than harassing the outside world.

At least it will be a learning experience for them on EQ, and on Why It's Not Good to be a Macho Hormonal Fanatic. Only after some ugly fratricide will the proponents/advocates/supporters of the suicide bombing cult learn the painful lessons of why suicide bombing culture is not a healthy thing to support. As they say in the fitness industry, "No Pain, No Gain."

Kalyani said...

Yes,I agree with San.

ak said...


JNU is not a self-hating Communist bastion. They don't hate themselves nor do they hate their religion, Marxism. They hate Hindus and the Hindu civilization. The correct description is that JNU is a bastion of hateful commies.

s said...

Good analysis. The JNU types are actually supremists, hate mongerers, just that they think they can achieve supremism by following marxist donkeys.

Kalyani said...

Let us not lose sight of the fact that churchianity with its 'conversion' cult is AS DANGEROUS as 'islamic jihadism'.The architects of 'Joshua
project'with their staggering panoply of subterfuges are more smart,sinister and knavish.

I have not exhausted my tears of agony for all my forefathers unjustly and ruthlessly tortured and killed by the invaders(colonisers!);the relentless killing of my country's Army personnel which never seems to end(Who says your lot is not to reason but to die?Wake up!);I spend sleepless nights rewinding Inquisition in my country and how the Natives of America "received" small-pox virus infested blankets from the cloyingly "compassionate and charitable" peddlers of Churchianity.The Ayurvedic texts burnt,our indigenous culture raped,the imperialistic tentacles-relentless and unapologetic.I could go on....

God has His own ways (not entirely inscrutable)of dealing out comeuppance.

Ryan said...

"JNU is not a self-hating Communist bastion. They don't hate themselves nor do they hate their religion, Marxism. They hate Hindus and the Hindu civilization. The correct description is that JNU is a bastion of hateful commies"


By self-hating..I meant that they are essentially Indians and yet they hate everything that is Indian. By Indian, I mean Hindu (which includes Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism which many dont like to agree)...because without Hinduism, there can be no India.

Anand Rajadhyaksha said...

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Anonymous said...

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