Wednesday, July 13, 2005

washington post: the illusion of 'managing' china

jul 13th

kagan has a couple of good points.

americans think they are 'managing' china just because the chinese nod and smile nicely at them.

this is a lot like americans think they are 'managing' pakistan. they are managing pakistan so well that pakistan is the muscle every major terrorist strike against the west (while saudi arabia is the bankroller). the late news about four pakistani-britons being behind the london blast should not amaze anybody.

yes, us state department, keep appeasing musharraf until he does the 'big one': a nuke in times square.

similarly, yes, keep 'managing' china, all you clever cold warriors of foggy bottom.

the only way to 'manage' china is to knee-cap them: do some really hurtful things. like an embargo on their goods. or a nice little war where the chinese are humiliated.


Anonymous said...

Yet another pathetic demonstration of Srinivasan's vast inferiority complex toward China. After reading many of his other posts, I think I have pinpointed the root cause of this. The root cause of his hatred of China is neither the current geopolitical situation nor the war in 1962. The root cause is historical. I have noticed how sensitive he gets when the issue of the historical origin
of Indian civilization is brought up, and how far he is willing to cover his ears and close his eyes and scream "I can't hear you!!!" when overwhelming evidence supporting the "Aryan Invasion Theory" is presented. He is jealous of the fact that out of the two Asian civilizations only the Chinese can claim Chinese civilization as entirely their own while Indian civilization was brought to Indians by invading foreigners. So, paradoxically, instead of directing his anger at the Europeans, he chooses direct all his poison at the Chinese. It's like when the victim of a robbery paradoxically doesn't blame the robber but instead is jealous of his neighbor who was not robbed.

Now onto the current issue. Let's face it, with the exception of population size, India is not China's equal, never has and never will be. China's only worthy "permanent enemy" is the United States. India is nothing but an occasional distraction that we have to "teach a lesson" to once in a while. We should milk it for profit when we can and ruin it when it serves us (62' anyone?). When India gets a little too "giddy" (i.e. economic growth gets above 8 percent), it would be the right time to provoke a war between it and Pakistan and set it back at least a decade. I certainly hope this will happen in the next 20 years(Although I will not make any retarded armchair predictions Srinivasan is prone to).


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! China's only worthy permanent enemy is the US. You must be drinking something while you were punching those keys.

China owes whatever it is to US. China's case is like that of Busmasura. US gave the boon and now China will turn US into ashes. Before that US should pull the plug like it did to Japan.

what are the 'evidences' for this 'Theory'(AIT). It should have been called Aryan Invasion Story. The same historians are now writing another story in class IX social studies textbook. There is no evidence of Rama and Krishna. As if anybody said there is any evidence. It is just the belief of many Hindus that these heros existed.

Try telling this to any Mu-slimes that prophet never existed or was a freak or tell Christian that Christ never existed or was a bastard and see what will happen to these 'Brave Hearts'.

Maoputra, Get a life.

prasank said...

Hahahaha the shameless Moaputra is back (again). Are you gonna say agian that you wont post again if we say so and so? Grow up kid...

And, when did you post any proof for aryan invasion theory? This blog has many compelling evidences from many sources against the AIT (including DNA analysis proofs). And when has Rajeev ran away from you?

And, what about the Mongol invasions of China. Doesnt China have any influence of that? What about Buddhism? For me that is a clear Indian influence on Chinese culture. Or does the new Chinese history not teach you about all these? Really I cannot understand what culture you are claiming to be "pure Chinese". Is it Maoism?

In my opinion Indians have done really well to give all the civilizations that came to them proper due. And that to me is the basic difference between a secular India and a communist China.

If you are done with chest thumbing please get down to business and please post some meaningfull posts.

Anonymous said...

You must be one of those commies amongst whom anti-Americanism is a fad and you look up to China as something that can compete with the US and hence root for it. And anthing contradictary that you hear/read makes you insecure and hence your rabble-rousing-lacking-of-substance postings.
Clearly you haven't offered anything substantive to advance your theories, except for negating everthing Rajeev and others have put forth. The onus is on you to post something meaningful.
Onto another question for you: What are Prakash Karat and Subhasini Ali doing in their fatherland - giving away all that they know about upcoming Indo-US talks to their Chinese masters?

Also could you elaborate on the Maoist culture in China which engages in "all-inclusion" drive forcing people to change their names (the Mongols e.g.) and force people to learn one dialect of Mandarin. What about the atrocities in Tibet ? What abt the human-right violations in Xinxiang province.

Why do you keep your trap shut when the Maoist entity engages in all of the above violations occur.

I hope you go to China and experience life there - try to engage in a political debate or try to access some of the news websites.

iamfordemocracy said...

Two points. 1. Read the following link about how Chinese banks are fleecing Indian steel producers.

Steel producers feel the heat as Chinese banks dishonour LCs

2. Recent findings suggest that all living human beings seem to have descended from a small group that moved out of Africa 60000 years ago. That runs contrary to the theory of Aryan invasion.

Dric said...

Readers are requested to ignore Maoputra's posts on this forum.He is trying to use the "Truth by repeated assertion" trick.

Viking said...

Before ranting all over the place, you have not bothered to even reply to other peoples arguements but are repeating the same thing all over again. But with the gems you have mentioned (Buddha - a prince from Central Asia),you only display your ignorance. Now you are drawing your own conclusions.
Other readers - This is surely a commie brainwashed mainland Chinese. BTW- did they teach you the Buddha story in your History textbooks.
Henceforth please reply to the questions raised by others before rattling off things that show you as a total idiot.

You mentioned that you live in the US. Living in the US and calling it China's permanent enemy - Wow you are like the bombers who grew up in Britain and are now bombing the cities they grew up in. MAybe a visit frm the FBI would do Maoutra goos

san said...

It seems that Chinese Generals are determined to grab the headlines by making statements far more aggressive than Maoputra's. The latest is a
Chinese threat to nuke the United States.

Note that they also made a similar threat back in 1995, saying that if the US intervened in the Taiwan dispute, that it would lose Los Angeles.

You see, this is why hawkish Chinese generals coddled and fawned over by Beijing autocrats desperate to retain their loyalties hold a far more dangerous sway over their country's foreign and military policy. Unlike a democracy, where there are checks and balances, and where a general could be fired for making such comments, nervous autocrats will always be falling all over themselves to placate the military hardliners to whose muscle they owe their power.

Remember how US Air Force General Max Dugan was fired just for making an off-the-cuff remark about dropping a smart bomb on Saddam while he's in bed with his mistress? He was fired, even though he made these remarks at the height of the Gulf War buildup.

You'll never see any Chinese general fired for belching like a fire-breathing dragon.

Hey Maoputra, you don't live in Los Angeles, do you? Make sure to salute the mother country when you're glowing in the dark.