Saturday, July 30, 2016

'My Name is Khan' - The Sequel

US Democrats gave Khizr Khan a prime speaking slot at their convention. He's a Pakistani immigrant and father of a US soldier Humayun Khan who was killed in Iraq. And of course Mr Khan used the opportunity to condemn the "Islamophobia" of Donald Trump, while the Left-wing media lauded him and his family as heroes, calling it the "7 Minutes Which Shook the Convention".

Mr Khan even took a small copy of the US constitution out of his pocket and held it in front of him, calling for Trump to read it and learn how to treat minorities. It would have been better if Mr Khan had waved this constitution under the noses of those he left behind in Pakistan - because they could use such lessons far more than Donald Trump. Apparently, the jubilant Democrats applauding Khan for lecturing Trump couldn't be bothered to remember Bill Clinton's own notorious record as a draft-dodger.

Unlike the Shahrukh Khans, the Sadiq Khans, or the Khizr Khans, we Indians never seem to be able to speak up. Whenever we try, some Left-wing caste-baiting Jaichand will quickly interject to remind us of some alleged Original Sin which we have yet to cleanse. We'd better get our act together to speak up more, because others are speaking so loudly that we're being drowned out.

You can actually download a copy of the Indian constitution off Google's Android app store, just in case you want to wave it in someone's face.

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The Red Indian said...

Some one should ask Mr Khan, if he would wave the Quran at the face of the terrorists asking them if they have read it.