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Fwd: Manipur: ILP An impending crisis+Taking TEJAS forward+ Sino Russian deals should be realistic too+ Tendrils of terrorism spread in Asia

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1. Bangladesh – Radical Escalation by ajai sahni 4.7.16
Despite voluminous documentation to the contrary, the fiction that all Islamist terrorists are drawn from madrassahs and from impoverished backgrounds, dominates the commentary, and every time numerous exceptions are brought to light (as, indeed, in the case of the Holey Artisan attackers), this information is received with an air of bewilderment. The reality is, there has always been a significant representation of educated and relatively affluent individuals (Osama bin Laden was not brought up in destitution, nor was Ayman al Zawahiri), not only among Islamist terrorists, but in terrorist movements across the world.
2. Manipur: ILP An impending crisis 4.7.16 by deepak kumar nayak
3a. LCA Tejas role for IAF – View from a simple sortie rate model 4.7.16 by navneet bhushan
4. New FDI norms will aid indigenisation 4.7.16 by gurmeet kanwal
5. China's role in Bangladesh rail revamp could be a win for India too 5.7.16
6. Sino Russian deals should be realistic too 3.7.16
7. Time to up the stakes in Afghanistan 5.7.16 by maj gen ashok mehta
9. People of the Indian Sub-continent with the exception of Dr Ambedkar, have failed to understand the sub-continent Muslim mind. Before 1947 or today we try to be politically correct and are living under an illusion. Read Understanding Sub-Continent Muslim mind through Ambedkar
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