Monday, August 01, 2016

Donald Trump and the 'Wrath of Khan'

Pakistani immigrant Khizr Khan, father of slain US Army Captain Humayun Khan, has managed to thrust himself into the center of the US electoral fight with a full-frontal attack on Donald Trump over his attitude towards Muslims.

Trump himself continues to fire back:

Trump supporters are also firing their salvos:

Even trash-talking twerp Kanhaiya Kumar has decided to get in on the act, making a shrill speech in which he accused Modi and Trump of being blood-brothers in Muslim-baiting:

But while these storms rage loudly, Khizr Khan has himself now suddenly gotten cold feet and is starting to quickly back down from his escalating confrontation with Trump.

Now why would the wrathful Mr Khan suddenly be turning tail and running away? Well, the answer may be that Mr Khan has some skeletons in his own closet worthy of note. Khizr Khan works on the shadier side of the immigration lawyering business, making use of America's EB5 visa category which allows  him to help wealthier people from places like Saudi -- "One Percenters" in Lefty parlance -- to buy their way into the United States. This is a shady industry so rife with abuse, that it has spawned many calls for visa reform.

Apparently, the wrathful Mr Khan wasn't smart enough to know not to throw stones from his glass house.

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