Tuesday, July 05, 2016

FBI: No Charges Against Clinton

In the United States, the FBI has just announced that no criminal charges will be filed against former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over her conduct in the email scandal:


US law requires criminal prosecution in cases of "gross negligence" in the handling of national secrets, but meanwhile the head of the FBI stated that while Mrs Clinton's actions were "extremely careless" they did not warrant criminal charges. It' s not clear what the difference is between "gross negligence" and "extremely careless" - perhaps the difference is in the size of your bank account.

In India, many have complained of the CBI being a "caged bird" - especially during the period of Sonia Gandhi's reign. Now in the US, we can see the FBI chirping and singing a curious tune towards the Clintons.

If Mrs Clinton is so innocent, then it's rather strange that her husband and former US President Bill Clinton, sought to have a private meeting with US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who has ultimate authority over the case. Most would call that a potential crime of its own, in what looks like an attempt to influence the outcome of a pending criminal investigation:


Is US politics increasingly becoming like India's?

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