Friday, July 22, 2016

Quick notes: Temple loot, Solar ambitions...

  • Temple loot moving in top gear: Devotees' contributions serve populist poll promises of Andhra Pradesh politicians.

  • It's a global war:  Kashmir is India's frontier on the global war against Islamic terrorism, both militarily and spiritually, not a local issue.

  • Can India Really Build 100 Gigawatts of Solar? Estimated losses of State-owned distribution utilities is $9 billion per year and an accumulated debt of $64 billion  

  • Sperm Video: Smartphone microscope lets men test sperm health at home.

  • Piplantri: This Amazing Village in Rajasthan plants 111 trees every time a little girl is born 

  • Paris highway exclusively for cyclists: 28-mile stretch of open road being built in Paris is meant for bicyclists and bicyclists only

  • A Hanoi Without Motorbikes?  “It’s great if public transport can be provided for the less well off. But not if it means the aim is to leave the roads for the wealthy.” Even Vietnam recognizes its traffic congestion will become untenable.

  • Lesson for India: Stringent tailpipe emission standards make VW abandon Diesel in the US.

  • Hoopy Is a Wooden Bicycle You Can Build at Home:

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