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Fwd: Blustering U.S. a PAPER TIGER in S. China Sea+China won’t begrudge India its influence in Africa+Understanding the violence in the VALLEY+Dahal set to return to power

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1. Hard times for Nawaz 14.7.16 by g parthasarathy
2. China's challenge to the Law of the Sea 13.7.16 by brahma c
3. Russia India to invest $ 4 billion each in FGFA 12.7.16
4. The Real Story Behind Beijing's Quest To Dominate South China Sea by s banerjee 13.7.16
5. China is our bitterest enemy 13.7.16 by rajeev srinivasan
7. China won't begrudge India its influence in Africa by Hu W 14.7.16
Modi's visit to Africa has once again given India-Africa ties a pronounced leg up, but China has no reason to be jealous. If India's economic interaction with African countries can bring new momentum to local development, China can also benefit from such moves.'
My take – As China feels the heat on South China Sea we might see similar articles.
8. Blustering U.S. a PAPER TIGER in S. China Sea editorial global times 14.7.16
9. Understanding the violence in the VALLEY by col anil athale 14.7.16
A note of caution is warranted here while dealing with insurgency that has religious motivation. No amount of force or fear of death, destruction or deprivation can bring about a change of perception. The conflict is seen as one between God (and his true followers) and mere mortals. The only way out in these situations is to get the God or religion on your side.
The very existence of Pakistan nearby as an Islamic State is sufficient to keep the separatist cause alive. The fact that Pakistan continues to provide help, support and sanctuary is an added reason, but even without that the cause would survive.
A well-known Indian Muslim reformer, the late Hamid Dalwai had a similar tale to narrate when he mentioned that a simple Shikara (a small boat) man told him that while he had everything else in India, but he must also care for the flag of Islam. '
10. Dahal set to return to power 14.7.16
11. All you wanted to know about the Kashmir problem E book by sanjeev nayyar Oct 2014
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