Friday, July 01, 2016

Fwd: Modi government takes big step towards implementing uniform civil code; move likely to trigger heated political debate

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From: S G Naravane 

, ET Bureau | Jul 01, 2016
NEW DELHI: In a far-reaching decision likely to start a heated political debate, the Modi government has asked the Law Commission to "examine" the issue of implementing theuniform civil code

This is the first time a government has asked the commission, which has a crucial advisory role on legal reform, to look into the politically controversial issue of a uniform civil code. 

A uniform civil code will mean a set of common personal laws for all citizens. Currently, for example, there are different personal laws for Hindus and Muslims. Personal law covers property, marriage and divorce, inheritance and succession. 

The political debate on a uniform civil code has been highly charged, and it is often entwined with a debate on secularism. 

Those for and against such a code offer differing interpretations of the social and religious impact of a uniform civil code. 

Bharatiya Janata Party has always been in favour of such a code. Congress has opposed it. 
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