Friday, July 15, 2016

Military Coup Underway in Turkey

A military coup seems to be underway in Turkey:

Some fighting seems to be happening as part of this.

Turkish President Erdogan has reportedly fled the country by plane.

Perhaps Nawaz Sharif should be feeling nervous right now.

UPDATE: It turns out Erdogan has arrived by plane in Istanbul and is exhorting his people to take to the streets in support of his govt. The coup seems to have gotten off to a less-than-perfect start, as the coup supporters obviously didn't eliminate Erdogan, which should have been their first priority for achieving success. If it doesn't fail outright, then this coup may turn out to be a protracted bloody affair, at which point some of Turkey's neighboring powers may even decide to meddle in it. If Erdogan regains control and emerges victorious, he will no doubt pursue a ruthless purge that will leave him the undisputed leader of a Turkey that will end up more Islamized.

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