Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fwd: How media made a legend out of Burhan Wani

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From: Capt.(Dr.) S G Naravane
When an ordinary village lad who smartly used social media is made a hero , it is not surprising that youth will try to emulate him .
The media builds super models because the international, billion-dollar modelling world needs them. The media makes socialite celebrities like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardarshian because the trillion-dollar entertainment industry needs them.
The media also builds "super militants", because they need to carry forward the story of a region with a built-in narrative of conflict and militancy.
Everybody loves a good insurgency. It has been seen in Kashmir, Manipur and other parts of India that have been hit by political defiance.
The media, admittedly, is an unwitting partner in this game. Unsuspecting, but hugely important. The 24x7 churn machine of the media needs a great story to grab eyeballs.
The media inadvertently built the legend of Burhan Wani. Courtesy his social media forays with regular videos and glamorous photographs, a nondescript village lad from Tral was made into the harbinger of "new militancy" in Kashmir.
For reference, read the
on July 9, after Burhan was killed.
Hindustan Times
HT was not the only media house to follow this narrative. The of almost all media houses on Kashmir, whether electronic, print or digital, ran the same script.
Now read former J&K chief minister Omar Abdullah's tweets on Burhan Wani, the so-called creator of a new militancy. Omar tweeted on July 9, the day after Burhan was killed:
Omar is patiently waiting to be the next chief minister of J&K again. He neither supported Burhan's killing, nor criticised it. While J&K CM Mehbooba Mufti maintained a studied silence following Burhan's killing, Omar Abdullah stole the media spotlight.
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