Friday, July 01, 2016

Fwd: Washington still gets it wrong on Islamic State

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From: S G Naravane

Thu Jun 30, 2016 
Tuesday's attacks at Istanbul's main airport, which appear at this time to be the work of Islamic State, are the latest reminder that the United States should not downplay the group's rudimentary –  yet effective –  tactics.
Since the wave of Islamic State suicide bombings in May – killing 522 people inside Baghdad, and 148 people inside Syria – American officials have downplayed the strategy as defensive. Brett McGurk, the Special Presidential Envoy in the fight against Islamic State, said the group "returned to suicide bombing" as the area under its control shrank. The American strategy of focusing primarily on the "big picture" recapture of territory seems to push the suicide bombings to the side. "It's their last card," stated an Iraqi spokesperson in response to the attacks.
The reality is just the opposite.
A day after the June 26 liberation of Fallujah, car bombs exploded in eastern and southernBaghdad. Two other suicide bombers were killed outside the city. An improvised explosive device exploded in southwest Baghdad a day earlier.
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