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Fwd: France’s long struggle ahead+Anti China sentiment in Vietnam+German train attacker may be of Pakistani origin+ The Menace that Consumes Kashmiris

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1. The Menace that Consumes Kashmiris 20.7.16 by rsn singh
The recent jihadi machinations in Kashmir were therefore deliberately portrayed by vested interests, as indigenous freedom struggle, when the truth is that it is part of a larger global jihadi narrative
The two family oriented Valley based parties have alternated in power for many years now. Had they adopted the much desired Indian nationalism as the dominant hue in their political agenda, it would have yielded ethnic and religious 'convergence' within J&K, and with the mainstream national narrative, away from Pakistan.
In his book, 'A Life in Diplomacy' Ambassador MK Rasgotra writes about the idea of Pakistan when it was gaining currency: "The Muslim League demand for Pakistan was on the agenda and Mookerjee (Shyma Prasad Mookerjee) asked me to speak on the subject in the main session. In about twenty minutes I made three or four points: the absurdity of a population of converts claiming to be a separate nation, the financial un-sustainability of the areas that might comprise two separated lands, Mr Jinnah would never get a Pakistan comprising all the areas he was claiming and, finally, Pakistan was a scheme for the wily English to leave behind a weak India and an even weaker Pakistan, forever dependent on its benefactor, Britain and other powers for security."

2. The U.S. needs to support Japanese constitutional reform 18.7.16 by brahma c
3. France's long struggle ahead by kanwal sibal 20.7.16
Even today, Islamist groups are being supported in Syria against the Assad regime for geopolitical reasons. Saudi Arabia, the most powerful ideological source of extremist Islam, is an ally of the West. Its role, and that of Qatar, and the UAE in mobilising Sunni extremism against the Syrian regime and Iraq's Shia government, with the power conflict with Iran as the driving force, has been responsible for the emergence of the IS, with US complaisance.
The French Arabs enjoy all the rights of French citizenship and all the social safety nets that the French state provides. The fundamental problem in Europe is that of assimilating Muslims in non-Muslim societies. Even British multiculturalism has not succeeded, judging from the number of British origin Muslims who have joined the IS and its beheading spree. '
4. In the changing world India has to balance its interest 20.7.16 by s l rao
5. Anti-China sentiment needs to be restrained before it impacts Sino-Vietnamese ties 20.7.16 by HU W
6. U.S. Fighter jets fly over S. China Sea 20.7.16
7. Pakistan desperate moves in Valley by lt col ret anil bhat 20.7.16
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