Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Musk Unveils Plan to Expand Into Electric Trucks & Buses, Car-Sharing

Elon Musk today revealed his "master plan, part 2" for electric vehicles, which entails an expansion into electric trucks and buses, as well as car-sharing:

Musk refuses to abandon Tesla's innovative self-driving autopilot system,  in spite of it being blamed for a recent fatal road accident. That autopilot would probably be much more useful on large trucks or buses, rather than on just a car.

Modi recently made Tesla an offer for land, trying to get them to set up factories in India:

Maybe he should aim for their bus and truck manufacturing first, since these types of electric vehicles could better match India's infrastructure deficit.

I liked that driverless Tata Nano idea by an Indian researcher, because the Nano is light and slow enough that it couldn't inflict as much damage if an accident occurred.

Nevertheless, there are other Indian players trying to come out with driverless buses, etc:

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