Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Why Pakistani Hindus Leave for India

Hindus in Pakistan want to leave for many reasons:


The BJP govt should make patriation of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh back to India a higher priority. There's no reason not to do this -- there are no negatives and only positives. Ultimately, it could even help tilt the balance of future Indian elections in BJP's favour. Ram temples and cow protection won't change ground realities as much as repatriating Hindus to India would.


Pagan said...

BBC had the title right:
"Why Pakistani Hindus leave their homes for India".

Yours is misleading:
"Why Pakistani Hindus Leave India"

san said...

Sorry, I meant to say "Why Pakistani Hindus Leave for India" - thanks for pointing out my error. Fixed.

Sameer said...

The conditions of Pakistani Hindus can be compared to the conditions of Jews in Nazi Germany. Though not in that scale, but something similar.